Friday 16 September 2016

NEW! McCain Nacho Cheese Ridged Wedges (Iceland)

Wedges: one of my favourite ways to eat potatoes. Oddly enough, it's not McCain who claim the stop spot in my book though, it's actually Tesco's own. Although, it is close. Over the years McCain have released different varieties -garlic & herbs, roasted garlic, Carribean, & American BBQ to name just a few- but nothing as exciting as Nacho cheese! Especially when they're different shaped wedges too... ooh the ridges... fancy! The new flavour is only available at Iceland, comes in a 600g bag, and is currently only £1, bargain. 

The ridges, although not particularly deep, were present and evident in every wedge. Even more blatant however, was the overwhelming stench of fake cheese, so much so that I could've been forgiven for thinking I'd just opened a large bag of Doritos! I say stench, but to me it was aromatic, and instantly made my stomach start to grumble.

Fortunately the wedges only take 18 minutes to cook, filling the house nicely with a cheesy pong in that time. They were hot and crisp when they came out, just as I hoped they would be.

Whilst the flavour might not have been quite as potent as the smell, it was still strong enough, and the ridges meant that the coating stuck better than would have on traditional wedges. The thickness of the potatoes meant that the cheese didn't become to cloying, and also meant that there was a fluffy centre in each. Imagine if cheesy Doritos had babies with wedges and you'll have a good idea of what to expect from these new McCain bad-boys. If you haven't guessed already, I loved them! They're the best wedge to come from McCain yet.


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