Friday 23 September 2016

Carb Killa White Chocolate Mocha

If you regularly work out and/or take protein supplements, chances are you'll have heard about Grenade's newest bar. Added to the delicious range of Carb Killas (which FYI taste remarkably like chocolate bars) is the White Chocolate Mocha. I love anything mocha and always begrudge the fact that coffee is very rarely paired with white chocolate as opposed to milk or dark. As someone who likes their coffee mild, I prefer the sweeter white chocolate against the naturally bitter coffee. Still, one must not forget that the Carb Killa is a protein bar and not a chocolate bar; its main focus is meant to be delivering quality nutrition pre or post exercise.

"Delivering over 22 grams of protein per bar, Carb Killa® is a high protein bar that has been designed to provide balanced complete sources of protein, while limiting the level of simple, processed refined sugars. Unlike many other protein bars Carb Killa® is unique in the fact it is so low in carbs."

Slicing into the bar revealed the trio of layers: the mocha flavoured protein layer, covered in caramel and topped with the biscuit studded white chocolate. Normally I like my protein bars all warm and gooey but I decided to try the end section in it's ambient state for reviewing purposes. 

Boy I wasn't disappointed. The coffee flavour was milky but omnipresent, working wonderfully with the sweet white chocolate flavoured coating. The crunch made the texture all the more appealing, and I found it to be better than most real (non protein!) white mocha chocolate bars that I've tasted! As always, the protein layer was soft and lacked the dreaded chewiness (or whey flavour) of most bars.

I almost didn't warm this Carb Killa given how much I was enjoying it, but 20 seconds or so in the microwave rendered the bar even more delicious. Seriously, I'm sure my tastebuds thought I was eating dessert instead of a bar that was delivering much needed protein to my muscles pre-workout -it was that good!

I didn't think that Grenade could create a bar more scrummy than my beloved white chocolate cookie, but they've really worked their magic with this one! I'm hoping and praying that their next addition will be a peanut butter version..

Carb Killas are available from most decent sports nutrition retailers for about £2.50- £3 per bar.



  1. Macros for the bar? P, C and fat?

  2. 22.6 P 15.3 C and 7.3 Fat. Found it. 213 kcals

    1. Thanks Sandis, would it be handy if I included macros in my posts?