Wednesday 21 September 2016

NEW! Banana Bread Selector (Hotel Chocolat)

That Nat (from a-lot-o-choc blog) is too kind for her own good. Not only did she send me the Cookie Dough Pie chocolate bar, but a few days later I received a parcel containing one of the new Autumn selectors from Hotel Chocolat AND the best protein bar in the world (Grenade White Chocolate Cookie Carb Killa FYI). 

"Banana flavoured praline with walnuts and dried banana flakes covered in milk chocolate."

The Hotel Chocolat selector excited me, not solely because my nearest branch is over an hour away, but because Nat had cleverly chosen the exact truffles that I would have. As I explained in my recent review of M&S' new banana & chocolate chip muffins, banana bread -or cake- is one of my absolute favourites. Banana and chocolate is always bound to cheer me up, so I saved these for a day when I was feeling particularly tired and grumpy. Last night, they beckoned me, calling my name from the fridge...

The truffles sliced cleanly, revealing a centre embedded with banana chips and walnut pieces.

The first flavour that hit me was the smooth, rich chocolate. The cocoa was punchy, with the characteristic Hotel Chocolat balance between sweet and bitter. The chocolate melted on my tongue almost instantly, tasting every bit as luxurious as you would expect. Next up, I was bowled over by the overwhelming taste of cinnamon. It was so very strong, in fact I felt it was too strong, overwhelming the banana flavour that lingered in the background. I love cinnamon (and bold flavours) but this was simply too much. The banana had a very natural flavour thanks to the banana flakes studding the praline, but I just wish it was given the opportunity to shine at the foreground.

Walnuts are a funny thing. I can enjoy them on their own, but really don't like their inclusion in cakes or ice cream (I'm one of those annoying people who pick them from the top of a coffee & walnut cake, and wouldn't even think about popping them into a banana cake mix). I wanted to explain this before moaning about them in the banana bread selector. Again I found that they detracted from my beloved banana, and put the flavour ratios out of sync. Gah.

I'm really sorry Nat, but I can't agree with your opinion on this one. They're a lovely idea, but for me Hotel Chocolat have failed to harness the true essence of banana bread this Autumn.


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  1. Oh dear it looks like they got a bit melted in transit too!xx