Monday 5 September 2016

NEW! Golden Syrup Malt Wheats (Tesco)

I'm cerealously addicted to breakfast. Not satisfied with one meal consisting of breakfast items, I'll regularly start the day with a bowl of porridge, have oatcakes or crumpets at lunch, and then a bowl of cereal before bed. They say it's the most important meal of the day, so why not have it three times over? My addiction means that I have a keen eye for new cereals to greet the shelves, and this week I spotted two new 'Shreddies' type offerings in Tesco. The supermarket's own brand Raspberry Malt Wheats have been out for a number of years now, and must be more popular than the ASDA Banana Milkshake Malties which I reviewed almost exactly a year ago, but have since been discontinued. The two new Tesco flavours in my local branch were Choco-Nut and Golden Syrup, so you may be surprised that it wasn't the chocolatey one that took my fancy. Let me explain...

Golden Syrup Wheats (mini shredded wheats) are the holy grail of cereal in my house. Once stocked by Tesco, Sainsbury's and ALDI they are now only available in Sainsbury's. Despite being own brand, they're still £1.99 for a 500g box and never on offer. Plus the recommended serving size is ridiculous, so the box doesn't actually go very far. Their exclusivity, price point and sheer deliciousness means my partner and I are often left competing for the last bowl. 

"Wholewheat malted cereal fortified with vitamins and iron with a golden syrup flavoured coating."

At £1.19 for a 500g box, the new Malt Wheats are a much cheaper swap, but could they taste as good as their branded Nestle counterparts, or indeed the worshipped Golden Syrup Wheats?

As soon as I ripped open the plastic wrapping, an enormous waft of syrup hailed my nostrils. There's something so comforting about that aroma, perhaps it's the thought of freshly baked flapjacks, but it's very welcome all the same. The Tesco Malt Wheats were a slightly darker shade than the Nestle version, and certainly much more tan than Frosted Shreddies. I wondered how they would fare once soaked in milk.

I can't even express how utterly impressed I was with them! They didn't turn to mush straight away, and packed a huge amount of flavour in every square. Even the milk tasted syrupy. I can imagine for those who aren't keen on sweet cereals that they'd be a bit too much, but if that's you then I'd wonder why you'd be buying Golden Syrup flavour in the first place. From a health perspective, yes they're higher in sugar than standard Shreddies, but still a lot lower than the frosted variant:
  • Shreddies = 6.0g*
  • Frosted Shreddies = 11.4g* 
  • Golden Syrup Malt Wheats = 7.8g*
*per 40g serving 

Quite simply, these new Golden Syrup Malt Wheats have instantly become one of my new all time favourite cereals and are quite the treat come supper time (even if I do get the sugar sweats in my sleep -TMI? I'm sorry). I'm going to be sure to head to Tesco and stock up pronto before you guys all realise how great they are too and the price goes up!


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  1. Promptly goes to tesco in attempt to find both of these! Shreddies 100% one of my favourite cereals. I think i can still get the tesco golden syrup wheats in my Tesco! Agreed they are utterly amazing