Saturday 3 September 2016

IKORN Gourmet Popcorn (Online)

A few weeks ago I received an invite from British premium gourmet popcorn company IKORN to sample their new products. Given my love of the stuff (no cinema trip is complete without a bag of Propercorn's smooth peanut & almond) I didn't think twice about saying yes.

Not heard of IKORN yet? Not to worry, they're a brand spanking new company, aiming to revolutionise the popcorn market with their healthy snacks. Thought all popcorn was healthy? Well not according to IKORN who reject to use the standard canola/rapeseed oil used in most commercially available popcorn, instead opting for the superfood à la mode -coconut oil. IKORN also apparently trialled over 40 different types of corn before they were happy that they'd found the best of the best. All of this means that the company believes it has produced 'the King of Korn'. 

Currently IKORN produce three flavours: Salt, Sweet & Himalayan salted. From a shallow point of view the bags looked beautiful, and I loved the crisp, clean lines of the branding. 

I have to admit that I much prefer flavoured popcorn, and find it a little bland on it's own, so was intrigued to find out whether the premium ingredients in IKORN could change my mind. 

Unfortunately, whilst I could appreciate the light, fluffy quality of the corn (and the lack of unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bag) I couldn't really notice a huge amount of difference in the taste between this gourmet brand and the more commercial varieties. The seasoning in all three was a little inconsistent too, some popcorn was very sweet or salty whilst others were tasteless.

Seeing as IKORN had generously sent me so many bags of their products, I took some to work with me to find out what my non-blogging colleagues thought of the range. It turned out that there was a massive differing of opinions. Each flavour was favourite of roughly the same amount of people, and yet everyone found the popcorn moreish. The plain salted was too saline for one of the girls in my office (the poor thing started coughing and spluttering everywhere after one mouthful) but she loved the Himalayan salted and was convinced she could taste the backnotes of coconut -something my tastebuds had failed to pick up on. 

I'd love to see more flavours* come out in IKORN's range, and I know it's something the company is working on. If this premium gourmet popcorn made with coconut oil sounds right up your alley then please head on over to their website where you can order boxes of 12. 

Thank you IKORN for sending me the samples. 


*peanut butter if possible please! ;)

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