Friday 30 June 2017

NEW! Nestle Milkybar with Smarties Review(Morrisons)

I've been lucky enough to try some high quality chocolate recently, and yet I'll still proudly hold my hands up to the fact that I still love a good old Milkybar. Could it be most childish of all the chocolate bars? Possibly, but I know that Milkybar buttons are guaranteed to put a smile on my face. It's the small pleasures. Anyway, Nestle have decided to treat us with a new version of the iconic bar, and one that might be even more childish than the original...

Meet The Smarties Milkybar. 

"White chocolate with mini Smarties® (19%) (milk chocolate in a crisp sugar shell)."

As far as I'm aware, the new 100g bars are currently only available in Morrisons stores, but I'm sure they'll pop up elsewhere in the coming weeks. At £1 each they're not bad value either! 

What a pretty bar! Do any of you remember the little pyramid shaped bags of mini Smarties? I've not seen them
In years and the sight of the brightly coloured sugar coated chocolates reminded me of my childhood. Anyhoo, there was enough of them to be visible, without overtaking the white chocolate.

The Milkybar tasted just as I remembered: creamy but with a little chalkiness. The Smarties offered little in the way of extra flavour, but they added a lovely crunch. The addition was far more successful than the Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Cups (which, since my review I've seen likened to toenail clippings, a thought I can't shake*) and I kind of liked it. The Milk and Cookies Milkybar is a tastier variant on the original chocolate, but this is by far the more attractive of the two!


*Stay tuned for a review of the new Reese's Cookie Crunch Cups!


  1. I loved those pyramid shaped bags of mini smarties! I wish they'd bring them back!

  2. I got really excited when I found a box of smarties in Tesco yesterday that looked similar in design.. but alas it wasn't the minis! Did you used to just pour them into your mouth too, or was that just me?