Tuesday 13 June 2017

Choc Affair Orange & Geranium Milk Chocolate (Online)

The 'new' Mars Choc Brownie bar turned out to be pretty unexciting, but thankfully there are companies out there who are prepared to be bolder with their flavours. Take Choc Affair for example, the British handmade chocolatier who refuse to shy away from the more traditional pairings, such as their rhubarb milk and mango white chocolate bars. Today's review features another one of their twists on the classics; a veritably seasonal combination of orange and geranium. Whilst rose -and to some extent lavender- are occasionally used in sweet treats, I can honestly never remember ever having seen anything geranium flavoured.... 

"Our orange & geranium chocolate is a firm favourite amongst the team here at Choc affair HQ, and is just delicious. A creamy milk chocolate infused with natural flavours.  But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!
Let your cares drift away with this perfect pairing of sweet, sun drenched oranges, and jolly notes of summer geraniums."
As soon as I unwrapped the beautifully packaged bar I could smell the refreshing tang of orange combined with the sweetly scented milk chocolate. Appearance wise it looked indifferent to the rhubarb bar; darker in colour than your usual milk due to the high cocoa content, but utterly smooth with a subtle glossiness.

First to hit my palate was the luxuriously rich milk chocolate which -as I've come to expect from Choc Affair- was melt-in-the-mouth with a creaminess that makes you feel as if you're diving into a pool of molten chocolate. Next up was the orange, which was milder in taste than the scent led me to believe it would be -in fact I would've preferred it to be slightly bolder. Then the geranium followed, delivering a floral flavour that wasn't too dissimilar to rose. Admittedly I'm not a huge rose fan, and I found that the geranium overshadowed the orange, especially as I continued to munched my way through the bar. As that last sentence suggests, I didn't find the geranium to be unpleasant, it just wasn't my favourite flavour. I imagine those who do enjoy a spot of Turkish Delight would really enjoy the combination however, so please don't let my personal preferences put you off this high quality chocolate. I'm certainly looking forward to trying Choc Affair's peach and raspberry white chocolate - now that sounds exciting and right up my street.

Thank you to Choc Affair for the samples. You can buy any of their innovative, luxury, handmade chocolate bars direct from their website here.

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