Thursday 1 June 2017

Coles Cookie Dough and White Chocolate & Almond Spreads (Poundstretcher)

I'd like to start out by apologising to those of you who've seen me post up photos of these spreads on Instagram. I've been promising to review them for a couple of weeks, so here it is at last! If you saw this particular post yesterday you'll have seen from the state of my current collection  that I didn't really need to buy these spreads, but I'm a sucker for something new and/or interesting. Cookie dough spread? Sold. White chocolate and almond spread? Sold. Especially as Tesco have discontinued their amazing finest chocolate and almond spread! Also, these Coles tubs were an absolute steal at 79p for 350g, although I did waver at the time ... would cheap equate to nasty? 

It seems that Coles are well known in Australia -where the spreads were sold* though- and given the reaction on my Instagram from many sad Ozzies about their discontinuation, I hoped I was in for a treat! 

Cookie Dough Spread with Crunchy Biscuit Bits

Would this be like the wonderful raw cookie dough from Gookie Dough? Or like a spreadable version of the chunks in Ben & Jerry's? Perhaps it would be more like 
I've been wondering recently why we don't have an Oreo spread. We have Oreo everything else it seems, and a vast array of chocolate bar themed spreads, so I'm fairly sure Mondelez must have it in the pipeline. 

The spread was chocolate coloured and littered with gritty dark pieces. I'd say the flavour was more like cookies and cream given that it was mild and milky. To be honest, I was disappointed with it -especially as I read on the ingredients lust that the biscuit bits are meant to be cinnamon flavoured. As a chocolate spread it didn't really deliver and it wasn't a patch on Gookie Dough either. Meh. 


White Choc Spread with Roasted Almond Bits

Now I haven't had a white chocolate spread before. I'm aware that many of the supermarkets sell their own branded white chocolate spread, but I haven't bothered buying of them. 

I was much more impressed with this flavour than the cookie dough. It's milky and very sweet, but this time the flavour is evident. It's not as creamy as the Milkybar desserts, but it melts easily and is really quite scrummy. The almond pieces add a nuttiness to the flavour which I really enjoyed too. The tubs are certainly worth picking up; especially at 79p!


*although they're actually made in The Netherlands!

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  1. Tesco's discontinued cookies and cream spread was like Oreos and delicious. Part of the range that included bourbon and custard cream ones. Cry. Their white chocolate spread is good enough for me to have decided it should be at the back of the cupboard where I can't see it h though...