Wednesday 21 June 2017

NEW! Limited Edition Strawberry Swirl Jammie Dodgers (Home Bargains)

Yes, I'm still on the coffee caramel digestive hunt. It's driving me loopy now! Apparently they're on Ocado and in some Spars, but they still don't seem to have made an appearance in rural Hereford yet. Or Cardiff for that matter. My sister and I intended to go trampolining on Saturday, but when we got off the bus outside the trampoline park we decided that it was too hot to spend the afternoon inside - let alone doing any kind of exercise. Instead we made a quick detour into B&M and Home Bargains before getting back on the bus to her house for a sunbathing session. As soon as we walked through the door in Home Bargains I spotted jammy dodgers in different packaging. Ooh the past it had an ice cream cone on it! Was this a new flavour? Strawberry swirled. Hmm. It was hardly the most imaginative limited edition, but it was new, and would have to do in lieu of the digestives. Plus who doesn't love a good Jammie Dodger?

"Strawberry flavoured jam with vanilla flavour filling sandwiched between two shortcake biscuits."

I'm not sure where the swirl comes in but the cream filling was present on one side of the otherwise standard looking JDs. The biscuits were just as I remembered, not as crumbly as most shortcakes but with a decent vanilla flavour. It  don't expect that it'll shock you that the strawberry and cream style filling worked well together. The jam was -of course- very sweet and artificial,  and the vanilla was gooey and somewhat marshmallow-like. 

The biscuits were pleasant, but once again we find ourselves with a very lazy limited edition. With endless possible flavour combinations out there, why have we been palmed off with what's essentially a Happy Face/Classic jam ring biscuit? I miss the old banana and toffee JDs, but would love to see Burtons create something more exciting: rhubarb and custard, lemon meringue or peanut butter perhaps? 



  1. I don't mind a jammie dodger although they've never really been a favourite of mine. The toffee dodgers though were actually pretty good. There's a packet of these on the kitchen table right now, but my expectations were already quite low before your blog.

  2. I agree rubhard and custard would be fabulous 👍

  3. Rhubarb and custard needs to happen!

    There's a Spar near one of my work sites, if I get a chance I'll nip over when I'm next there in search of the elusive digestives! x

  4. i def did not see these in Home Bargains when i went last week!

    did buy white kit kat chunkies in b&M though (next door) and just got snickers hazlenut from local market. need to find snickers rocky road, i had hoarded one and when i'd eaten it wish i'd hoarded it longer it was lovely.

    there should be more pistachio flavours!

    1. Oooh I really wasn't keen on the rocking nut road! I'm pretty sure you might be out of luck as I'm sure I hear that they've been discontinued. Lidl have got pistachio ice cream in at the moment for their middle eastern week if you fancy the sound of it!