Thursday 27 April 2017

Graham's The Family Dairy Protein 22 Pots (Home Bargains)

Skyr/Greek yogurt/quark. My daily staples. Every day I get my fix, normally buying plain and then add flavouring with Jordan's Skinny Syrup. I always keep my eyes peeled for new brands and flavours though, and still regularly buy Lindahl's pots when I'm at uni. A few weeks ago Home Bargains heralded some new fruity quark tubs made by Grahams The Family Dairy. Even if you don't shop in Home Bargains you may recognise the brand as they've been selling 250g tubs of plain & vanilla quark in many of the major supermarkets for some time. 

These pots are 190g, contain 22g of protein and are available in four flavours (strawberry, peach, blueberry & raspberry) all of which I bought for 79p each. The look very similar to the ARLA pots, so here's a handy infographic if you're interested in the nutritional differences between the two:

In terms of consistency, the protein 22 pots deliver. In other words they pass the can-you-stand-your-spoon-up-in-it test. 

Flavourwise they're very similar to ARLA's protein pots. They're not particularly sweet, and indeed I found myself adding sweetener to the strawberry and raspberry pots. 

By a long shot my favourite was the peach flavour, which didn't require any syrup and was well-paired with a side of raspberries (a high protein, low fat peach melba if you will?). 

These new Grahams pots aren't tasty enough to become a new dietary staple, but I'll happily buy more if I need a quick, healthy and filling snack when out and about.


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