Wednesday 12 April 2017

NEW! Majestics Butterscotch Ice Cream Lollies (Iceland)

Last year and the year before Iceland came up trumps on the innovative ice cream flavour front. There was the peanut & banana cones, the rhubarb & custard cones, toffee apple cones, banoffee Majestics, and bubblegum ice creams to name just a few. This year they've fallen back on the staple flavour that most supermarkets seem to be relying on nowadays: salted caramel or versions thereof. There's 'new' Salted Caramel cones, Salted Caramel Majestics and these Butterscotch Majestics. If you don't like toffee you better stay clear of Iceland this summer. Admittedly @productsinstore found other -more exciting- lines in her store yesterday but they've yet to hit Hereford's branch. 

"Butterscotch flavour ice cream swirled with caramel sauce, coated in white chocolate with caramelised sugar pieces."

Oh, and whilst I complain, I should probably remember that I bleeding love caramel! In actual fact, these Butterscotch Majestics sounded rather marvellous, especially with the coating, and at £1.50 for four they're good value too. 

The lollies looked good, although it was instantly obvious that the white chocolate wasn't very thick because I could see the ice cream through it. 

It wasn't particularly good quality white chocolate either and certainly not up to Iceland's previous standards. I hope you'll that white chocolate is plenty sweet enough already, so although the caramelised sugar gave it a lovely crunch, it also made it very sickly. 

The ice cream was meant to be butterscotch flavoured, but I don't think it was. All I could taste was a plain vanilla in the non-saucy areas, which was ok, but not as indulgently creamy as Magnum's ice cream. 

Luckily the sauce was rich and full of flavour, and the closer I got to the bottom of the lolly, the more caramel I could taste. The combination of the sugar studded white chocolate and super saucy bottom was overwhelmingly sweet though, making you want to brush your teeth once finished. 

I shan't bother with the Butterscotch Majestics again, they pale in comparison to Magnums, and indeed many of the supermarket Magnum rip-offs. 


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