Monday 10 April 2017

NEW! Limited Edition Muller Corner Goes Nuts (ASDA)

Why do I do this? Please tell me you do it too. You're in the supermarket, you're hungry, you spot something new and vaguely interesting, and before you know it it's in your trolley. Then every time you open the fridge/freezer/cupboard you think 'why the badger did I buy that?'. Cue this Müller corner and the 10 for £3 deal at ASDA. Oops.

"Pistachio flavour yogurt with caramelised crushed almonds."

I mean hats off to Müller for creating something utterly different, but:
1. I'd never choose pistachio ice cream so why buy the yogurt? And...
2. I swore off buying Müller yogurts.

Yet there I was, begrudgingly retrieving it from the fridge last night 'to eat it up out of the way'. Even as a Müller fan there was NO way I was persuading Bert to try this flavour!

The colour of pistachio isn't exactly enticing is it? It reminds me of the walls in my primary school. As always, the smaller compartment was only half full, things weren't looking up.

Well. I take it back. The yogurt was refreshing. The pistachio was mild, but just about noticeable if you really paid attention. I'm still not keen on the wobbly consistency though- it's definitely runnier than it once was.

The crushed almonds however, were absofreakinglutely delicious. They were crispy and perfectly sweet. The roasting brought out the flavour and they were punchy little nibs that were jam packed full of flavour. In fact I'd have been more than happy to eat a bag of them on their own, but they made a super topping for the yogurt.

I really enjoyed this new limited edition corner, it's the best flavour that Müller have brought out in a long time. Now they just need to make a peanut and banana flavour one, or a cherry yogurt with the caramelised crushed almonds for a Bakewell themed corner. Meanwhile, I'll attempt to not dread the new Apple & Elderflower Müller Light that's sat in my fridge quite so much!


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  1. I was a little confused just now, I'd thought this was what you were reviewing:

    Then I realised a much more appealing 'nuts' section has gone in rather than little amaretti biscuits. The cover artwork just hasn't been appealing to me at all and knowing how poor Muller yogurts had become in the UK, I've still not ventured near.

    I wonder how similar the yogurt portions are - cause despite the dubious texture, the yogurt actually sounds alright. I'm surprised the nuts version isn't what's on sale here! Maybe it is and I've missed it.

    I do like the sound of the Cherry Bakewell with Nuts idea :)