Friday 14 April 2017

NEW! Summer Inspired Apple & Elderflower Muller Light (ASDA)

Hurrah, it's Good Friday! I hope you're stuffing yourself silly with hot cross buns today, and have plenty of chocolate ready for Sunday! Don't forget, I've reviewed many of the most innovative 2017 hot x buns, all of which can be found here

As we can all appreciate, life is about the balance, and so in contrast to the aforementioned seasonal treats, today's review is of a limited edition, fat free, low calorie yogurt. Let's forget for a moment that I swore off Müller yogurts, after all I bought this pot at the same time as the new 'Goes Nuts' corner, and Apple & Elderflower is a combination I adore. 

Apple tends to be an under-used flavour when it comes to yogurts. Müller is the one exception to this however, having brought out the Apple Strudel pots in late 2015, which were rather good (for a Müller light). 

The yogurt was a pale green colour, and was just as runny as expected. Tucking in I discovered the apple flavour to be well executed, delivering the same refreshing fruitiness that I remember experiencing with the Strudel flavour. However, instead of the cinnamon in the Strudel edition, the apple in this new version was backed by notes of elderflower, which came through pleasantly. The resulting flavour combination was lovely, and different to any other yogurt currently available. I approved of the soft apple chunks too.

If it wasn't for the awfully thin nature of the Müller Lights I'd be inclined to give this yogurt a higher mark. As far as the range goes though, this is a brilliant new flavour that's pretty perfect for the summer months, and it's tastier than the Treacle Tart & Cherry Bakewell Cake Shop flavours


Happy Easter all, enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend! 


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