Thursday 6 April 2017

FlapJacked Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate & Chocolate Peanut Butter Mighty Muffins (Online)

It's Thursday evening and I'm guessing you need that final boost to get you through Friday too. Could FlapJack's protein packed, high fibre, gluten free, Mighty Muffins be just the ticket?

You might remember that I've already reviewed their Apple & Cinnamon, Maple Pumpkin & S'mores flavours, so now it's time for the Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. As before, the cakes just require 60ml of water and a minute or so in the microwave. Easy peasy.

Peanut Butter
One of the things that makes FlapJacked's Mighty Muffins so tasty is the abundance of extras that the company adds into the mixtures. This Mighty Muffin is not just peanut butter flavoured, but also contains a healthy supply of peanut butter chips. Mmm.

I made the mix up in my heart bowl and topped it with Jude's Chocolate ice cream.
The base flavour was pretty damn good, but I think the MyMuscleMug version was better. The chips were a fantastic addition however, and I really enjoyed it!


Double Chocolate
I've mentioned many times on this blog that chocolate cake can be so hit and miss, so my hopes weren't too high when it came to this Mighty Muffin. I decided to take the opportunity to turn the double chocolate muffin into a triple chocolate affair though, and popped some Milkybar Mini Eggs into the batter before cooking. I also topped it with fresh raspberries for a real treat.

Christ. How can a cake that contains 20g of protein taste so good? The flavour was rich and dark, with the chocolate chips adding extra flavour and moisture. The texture was fudgy, especially comforting to eat thanks to the warmth of the muffin. I was in chocolate heaven. My addition of the Milkybar was borderline genius too. You. Must. Try. It.


Chocolate Peanut Butter
I saved the most tempting sounding Mighty Muffin until last. This one was chocolate flavoured with the peanut butter chips in - it certainly sounded like the best of both worlds!

This time I topped the Muffin with Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cookie Clutter (why oh why have you discontinued the flavour B&J?!). The texture was good and the taste of the chocolate was as scrummy as I found it to be in the double chocolate muffin.

I did find that the peanut butter was slightly lost in all the chocolatiness -but that might just be because the ice cream is so peanutty that it paled in comparison. I'd like to try this Mighty Muffin again on its own to see if the peanut butter stands out more when un-Ben&Jerried.


FlapJacked's Mighty Muffins are a fantastic treat to have, especially if you're trying to up your protein intake or simply can't tolerate gluten. They certainly beat a protein shake and most protein bars hands down! I love that they're easily transportable and could even be enjoyed at work for a mid-afternoon pick me up that's healthier to the cake that's doing the office rounds.

If you fancy trying the Mighty Muffins (or FlapJacked's Protein Pancake & Baking Mix for that matter) then please head over to their website, where you can also get 10% off by using the code AMY10 at checkout.

A huge thank you to FlapJacked UK for sending me their Muffins to try, I've thoroughly enjoyed them!

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