Tuesday 3 January 2017

Peanut Butter Cup Muscle Mousse (CN Sport)

A couple of months ago I was perusing Instagram during a very dull PR lecture when I spotted a very good deal on short dated quest bars in my local sports nutrition store CN Sport, swiftly followed by another offer on USN's protein mousse.

I didn't know much about USN's mousse, but had spotted Muscle Mousse so often on Instagram that I decided to give it a whirl -especially as Conor (the owner of CN Sport) was offering it at such a good price. The strawberry and white chocolate USN mousse is utterly fab, tasting just like Angel Delight, so it wasn't long before the temptation to try Muscle Mousse took hold -not least because they sell a peanut butter cup flavour! I bade my time and waited for the Black Friday deals, and luckily Conor matched an offer I found. The Moose's Mousse was mine at last!

Muscle Mousse contains 30g of protein per 50g serving from a combination of Micellar Casein, Whey Protein and Egg Albumen -making it ideal to enjoy before bedtime. N.B it also contains gelatin and sweeteners (namely Stevia and Sucralose).

P.S Glittery stars not included in the pack! 

The mixing instructions suggest adding 2 scoops to 150ml water in a shaker bottle, but I've found it mixes much better with a quick whisk, and tastes much better made with milk! Unlike USN's instant mousse, Muscle Moose suggest chilling their made up mousse for at least 30 mins (and consume within 48 hours).

The resulting mousse is fairly dense with a strong and sweet peanut butter flavour. The chocolate is somewhat lost against the nuttiness, but to be honest I didn't really mind. I have to admit that I prefer the fluffier consistency of USN's protein mousse, but it's still an enjoyable treat (and makes a very welcome change from yogurts and shakes).

The very best use I've found for Muscle Mousse however is on my morning porridge. I make and heat my oats as normal, then stir in a single scoop of powder, top up with milk, and reheat. This combination produces the creamiest, most flavourful porridge ever! Adding chopped banana make for an even tastier creation, but the other night I had a brainwave....

How about adding banana and Reese's chocolate? Genius.

I was lucky enough to receive an inordinate supply of Reese's goodies for Christmas, including a giant (141g) heart from my dear Daddio. I topped the peanut butter cup muscle mousse banana proats with a quarter of the peanut butter heart and indulged in the heavenly ecstasy of my creation... easily the best bowl of oats I've ever had.


Macros per 50g (as sold): P30/C12/F1

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