Friday 13 January 2017

NEW! Grenade Peanut Nutter Carb Killa Review (CNSport)

It seems that Grenade can do no wrong when it comes to their Carb Killa range. The line goes from strength to strength with a rapidly expanding range of flavours to choose from. Until now there's been a huge gap in the flavours though. Where oh where was the peanut butter bar? Surely everyone* appreciates that peanut butter is a gift from the gods? Nut butters are certainly a favourite amongst the fitness sector, so I'm surprised that Grenade haven't harnessed the flavour until now. 

"High protein bar with a peanut flavoured centre and caramel layer coated in milk chocolate with sweeteners."

All is forgiven because at long last they've filled the void, as they announced a couple of weeks ago that their first bar of 2017 was to be the Peanut Nutter -Hoorah! Even better, my local sports Nutrition retailer CNSport have already got them in, and the lovely Conor gave me a couple to review! Thanks Conor. 

The bar was smoother than expected, lacking the usual 'crispies' that adorn the outside of other Carb Killas. Slicing into it presented a slight surprise - there's peanuts inside the bar! The description made no mention of chopped nuts, but I was super pleased to see them amid the gooey caramel layer. Bravo Grenade. 

As normal I tried the end section at ambient temperature and popped the rest in the microwave for 20-30 seconds until the caramel started to ooze. Even before tasting the bar I could smell the intoxicating combination of peanuts and milk chocolate, reminding me of snickers. So far, so good. 

I wasn't disappointed with the taste either. As usual Grenade have nailed the soft yet chewy nougat-like protein layer, which was infused with a peanut flavour that was pretty damn good. My only criticism is that it was a little on the sweet side and could do with a tad more salinity to pull back it into balance and deliver a true peanut-butter-iness 

As always the caramel layer and chocolate coating were delicious, rivalling the likes of Mars and Snickers (real chocolate bars that is, not their protein counterparts). As for the peanuts, they offered a welcome crunchiness that added an extra textural edge to the bar. 

It's easy to forget that the Carb Killa bars aren't chocolate bars, and in fact deliver a whopping amount of protein whilst keeping the carbs low. The Peanut Nutter hasn't got quite as much protein in as other bars due to the lack of soy crispies, but it's macros are still extremely decent AND it tastes incredible. I'm not sure it beats White Chocolate Mocha to the top spot, but it is definitely just as good. 

Well done Grenade, and thanks again to Conor for the samples to review! 


Macros per 60g bar: Kcals 223 P21/C15.4/F9.3

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