Wednesday 11 January 2017

NEW! Fresh Twix Cookies (Tesco)

Who doesn't love a Twix? I know they're one of the first to go in our Celebrations tubs (after the Teasers but strangely before the Galaxy). Anyway, Twix's classic combination of biscuit, chocolate and caramel is well loved - they're Millionaire's shortbread by another name really I guess! You guys know how much I appreciate a Twix variation too, having already reviewed the White Chocolate Twix, Peanut Butter Twix, Cappuccino Twix, Twix EggTwix Tops as well as the recent Twix Cheesecake

I love the times of year when Tesco's bakery changes stock, although the Red Velvet Muffins that came out of last season's selection were pretty pathetic. I kept checking the Tesco website after Christmas to see what would appear, until one day when I squealed after spotting these new Twix cookies! Last year Tesco brought out Mars Cookies (good but nothing special) and Maltesers ones (which I still haven't got round to trying), but I just couldn't wait to get my grubby paws on these spanking new cookies. 

Every day I tried both Tescos in Hereford (well, poor Bert got sent a fair few times) and then also the one in Worcester when I returned to uni. Alas, everyday I was met with bitter disappointment. That was until yesterday, when having just completed the presentation (that's been the cause of far too much stress) I detoured via the Hereford city centre supermarket on the off chance that my luck was in. After all, the presentation had gone well.

I spotted the fresh Oat & Raisin, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Maltesers, Bounty, Galaxy cookies.. followed by a row of TWIX COOKIES! Hurrah! Come to me oh Bakery delights! 

"Cookie with caramel filling and milk chocolate pieces."

The bag of four cookies cost £1.35 -which is currently more expensive than their finest range- but I didn't mind, they were mine at last!

Oh. They're awfully thin aren't they? Or is that me just being greedy? Some had more chocolate chips than others, but I could see the darker splodge in the centre of each where I imagined the caramel to be. 

The cookies had that delightfully soft and chewy quality that you can only get from the fresh varieties. Flavour wise the plain cookie was sweet but indifferent to a normal plain cookie. Ok, I know I'm chocolate obsessed, but there definitely wasn't enough chocolate in these bad boys to label them Twix. To be honest, I couldn't really taste the chocolate at all! Humf, Surely they should have been covered in chocolate?! The caramel in the middle wasn't as gooey as the packet suggested either, but luckily I had a brainwave.... Microwave to the rescue!

Once warmed for 10-20 seconds, the butteriness of the cookie shone through and the caramel transformed into something gooey and delicious. That's more like it! Even the chocolate became more noticeable having been melted. Much better. 

I'm not sure that these are really Twix cookies, after all there's barely any chocolate and the cookies lack the signature crunch of Twix's shortbread base. It seems to be a very clever marketing ploy to sell chocolate chip cookies with a bit of caramel -but it works! They're perhaps not as game changing as I'd like them to be, but they're still scrummy. In fact I'll be having one warmed up for dessert tonight with salted caramel ice cream -sounds good right?



  1. I'll stick to the original format (or the PB, heaven!) I actually don't know many twix fans, myself and yourself aside...suits me, I don't have to share! xx

    1. Oh me too! Reason number one why rob and I work: he's not fussed on chocolate! What would be your ultimate Twix?

  2. Surely you can not fit all 4 within the daily macros? :) Must share with the office :)

    1. Oh easily but they wouldn't be worth it!