Monday 9 January 2017

NEW! Aunt Bessie's Custard Ice Cream Review (Iceland)

Where does the ice cream industry venture next I wonder?

Gradually we've been seeing more alternatives to our favourite frozen treat. Frozen yogurt has been gracing our shelves for a few years now, but last year saw a boom in vegan variations made by dairy free alternative manufacturers Alpro, as well as frozen custard from the ambient rice pudding and custard kings Ambrosia*. Aunt Bessie's did a fair bit of diversifying last year too, what with their fresh tarts, frozen brownie pie and twin packs of trifle-style frozen desserts -which can't have been very successful as they seem to have been discontinued pretty swiftly. The company also dipped their toes into the ice cream market with two traditional British dessert flavours: Jam Roly Poly & Custard and Rhubarb Crumble*. Aunt Bessie's hadn't released a plain custard ice cream flavour though until this month.

Priced at £1.50 in Iceland for a 500ml tub the ice cream was affordable, and so I picked up a pot with an brainwave to enjoy it with hot homemade crumble..

"I've whipped up a delicious Custard flavoured ice cream to go perfectly with my tasty fruit pies, crumbles and sponge puddings. Now it's over to you. Simply scoop and serve with your favourite Aunt Bessie's dessert, any day of the week."

Of course being completely chocolate obsessed I couldn't just make any old crumble, and so instead made a chocolate, hazelnut & pear crumble (made with JimJam's low sugar spread). My other half isn't a pear fan so I made him a speculoos & apple crumble instead using Lidl's Spiced Biscuit spread (currently reduced to just 74p per jar FYI). Whilst the crumbles were baking in the oven I took the opportunity to open the tub of Aunt Bessie's frozen ice cream.

Well, I wasn't expecting that! What an, um, unusual shade of yellow. The eery flourescent-ness of it reminded me of the Bird's custard sachets actually, but I have to admit it was a little off putting. Maybe tone down the colourings a tadge eh Bessie?

The ice cream was very soft, too much so, as it became very tacky after only a minute and difficult to cleanly scoop (not that I'm the most elegant scooper at the best of times). 

The first spoonful was delicious. I love custard and can quite happily eat Ambrosia straight from the tin, and my enjoyment didn't wane from it being even colder. A couple more mouthfuls later though, and the custardy-ness of it faded leaving a bog standard cheap supermarket 'vanilla' ice cream. Thank goodness for the delicious crumble I had alongside, eh?

Meh. Next time I want custard I'll have custard, and the rest of the time I'll stick to better flavours of ice cream. 


*As always, One Treat was hot on the ice cream case, and you can check out her reviews of Ambrosia's Frozen Custard here, Aunt Bessie's rhubarb crumble ice cream here and jam roly poly & custard ice cream here

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