Sunday 15 January 2017

Fresh Cream Toffee Doughnuts (Tesco)

I'm sure you're bored of me moaning about the lack of decent doughnuts in my little city. Sure there's a couple of Greggs, but it's just not the same, and I feel particularly hard done by this month thanks to Krisy Kreme's new tiramisu and chocolate orange doughnuts -as well as the return of the Kruller. 

Come on Krispy Kreme! Please at least deliver to the Tesco's in Hereford or Worcester if you're not going to open a store? Tiramisu sounds right up my alley, and the food porn on instagram is driving me crazy. Anyway, all of the doughnut pics brought on cravings that needed to be satisfied, and that's where these fresh cream toffee doughnuts from Tesco come in. 

"2 Doughnut fingers filled with a layer of toffee sauce and toffee cream decorated with salted caramel butterscotch pieces."

I'm not sure if they're new countrywide or just new to Hereford, but they looked damn good and at £1.40  (or two packs for £2) they weren't bad value. 

As you can see, one had a generous covering of butterscotch pieces, whereas the other had next to none. Both were amply filled with the toffee cream in an attractive swirl pattern though, which oozed out of the ends (lets pretend I didn't scoop it up and eat it with my finger, eh?). 

Picking my doughnut up, I realised that the dough wasn't as soft and light at is its freshly baked counterparts -but isn't that always the way with the refrigerated versions? 

The cream had a lovely toffee undertone to it, like a very mild angel delight mousse. Unfortunately the toffee sauce wasn't as abundant as it needed to be to counteract the rather bland and stale almost bread-y dough. As for the crispy butterscotch pieces, they were a bit non-committal and I can't remember actually tasting them in amongst the cream. 

Meh. I'm still craving that Tiramisu KK, maybe even more so now!



  1. Not related to this but have you tried the peanut butter crunch ice cream cones from Asda? They have a really strong peanut flavour and have become one of my favourites recently.

    1. I've been religiously checking the local ASDA's freezers since they were released 10 or so months ago.. but neither Hereford or Worcester stock them 😭 X

  2. Oh no, what a shame! I wish they all just stocked the same ice creams- I'm still trying to hunt down the cookie crumble ice cream sticks.

  3. Sorry, I'm not sure what happened there. I meant to say:

    What a shame, I wish each supermarket at least stocked their full range of ice creams as I still can't find the cookie crumble ice cream sticks from Tesco either and it's really annoying.

    Good luck finding the peanut cones from Asda!

    1. Oh dear! Argh how frustrating for you. If only ice creams could be posted.. 🙊