Wednesday 2 August 2017

White Chocolate M&Ms (A Taste Of The States)

M&Ms, another one of those global brands that believes that us Brits prefer safe flavours. Crispy, standard or peanut. That's our lot. Over in America it's a completely different kettle of fish however, with new releases including Coffee Nut, Strawberry Nut, Caramel and White Chcoolate. Now the latter aren't particularly groundbreaking and so you'd think we'd be trusted to buy them and therefore make them commercially viable in the U.K... but apparently not. Fortunately for us, A Taste of The States is more understanding than M&Ms and has imported them on our behalf. 

I've long been convinced that American M&Ms are bigger than the British ones, and I certainly thought this was the case with these white chocolate versions. The sugar coating was the same colour spectrum though.

I'm glad I didn't expect luxury white chocolate, because I'd have been disappointed if I had. The insides of the M&Ms was wonderfully, albeit slightly sickly, sweet but that's what M&Ms are about. I mean, they've take on white chocolate and covered it in crispy sugar. They're not meant to make you delight in the depth of flavours, but instead aim make you smile from the sugar hit (and perhaps from the artificial colours) and it that way, they've succeeded. 

Please bring these to the U.K M&Ms! In the meantime though, you'll have to get your fix from A Taste of The States, but thankfully the kind souls there are offering you 20% off with the code AMYSEEKS20. Life isn't so bad, eh? 



  1. Sounds interesting! I had Candy Corn M&Ms once and they were white chocolate centres, wait, or was it carrot cake?? maybe it was both

    i think you're right that they are bigger, i had mint ones the other night and hadn't really thought about it until you just said.

  2. This reminds me... if you can get a hold of the Candy Corn M&M's at Halloween, give them a go. SugarSUGARsugar of course, but kinda worth it.