Friday 4 August 2017

NEW! Pink Panther Ice Cream Cones (Home Bargains)

It's a very rare occasion when Bert gets as excited as I am about a new food product - but then I don't get as excited as he does about vehicle parts. He's just not as bothered about food as I am, most of the time it just serves function to fuel him through the day. There's a few sweet treats that he's impervious to resist however, and one of them is the classic Pink Panther Wafers. Once opened, a pack can last a matter of hours if in his eyeline. He also enjoys our nightly ice creams and so the announcement that Pink Panther were creating wafer cones tickled his pickle. So to speak. 

 "Wafer cones with sweeteners and sugar sprinkles."

They popped up in Home Bargains, of all places, a few weeks later. 79p for 21 cones and a bag of sprinkles, bargain. Were they too good to be true? 

Wafer cones are normally super thin, and so we tend to prefer the sturdier biscuity Waffle variety (FYI Tesco and ASDA own brand are better than Askey's!) but these were fairly thick -and super pink! I was pleased to see the panther had made an appearance on the cones themselves too; attention to detail goes a long way. 

I did find that they were very narrow at the top however, which made it difficult to fit in the normal copious amounts of ice cream I usually top my cones with. 

Perhaps my expectations were too high when I hoped that they'd taste of pink panthers. They just tasted like normal, albeit thicker, wafer cones. But I've given it some thought... do Pink Panthers have a flavour? Really they're just very sugary wafers and I think perhaps that the fall-apart-in-the-mouth texture is what makes them so enjoyable. It wasn't just me though, Bert was disappointed by them too. 

As a swap for regular wafer cones, these are a good buy. They're cheap and pretty. They fall on the likeness to pink panther front though, and for that reason Bert and I will return to our favoured waffle cones.


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