Thursday 3 August 2017

NEW! Peanut Butter KitKat Bites (B&M)

I think I've done well to refrain from both the new peanut butter chocolate bars until now. I had made a promise to not buy any until I'd made a healthy dent into my Ridiculous Reese's stash from Xmas, but there was a couple of additional reasons that I'd stopped myself. Neither the new KitKat bites or the Butterfingers excited me all that much. I mean I got so excited by the Cookie Dough Chunky last year and haven't bothered with it again, and I can't even stomach American Butterfingers

"Mini crispy wafer fingers with a creamed peanut filling (17%) covered with milk chocolate (70%)."

With my pb chocolate supplies starting to wane I gave into the KitKats. The peanut butter KitKat Chunkies are pretty good after all; as are the Reese's Sticks. £1 for a bag it wasn't too much of a gamble either (I bought them in B&M but they're available in most supermarkets and WHSmith now).

I find 'bites' a bit of an odd name for them. They're more than one bite in size, but I suppose it makes sense if you consider that they're smaller than the awesome KitKat minis that Nat bought back from Japan. To be honest, my biggest concern was that in their non chunkified format that there wouldn't be much room for the peanut butter and that they'd be a bit bland as a result. 

Bravo Nestle! They do indeed deliver on the peanut butter front, and theyve been mastered the salinity that makes Reese's so moreish. It helps that they've used roasted peanuts too, to really boost the flavour. I'm not normally keen on Nestle chocolate, however it's evidently better than the Reese's variety, and this makes the bites all the more enjoyable. In fact, I found that the ratio of chocolate:wafer:peanut butter was pretty damn good, and had a hard job to not finish off the entire bag (16 bites) in one sitting. Serious self restraint required. 


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  1. I still need to try these, for some reason they haven't excited me much but on the back of this- weekend snacking sorted!