Sunday 21 May 2017

NEW! Haribo Starmix Summer Frenzy: Berry Flavours (Tesco)

Is it just me or is Haribo slacking recently on the innovation front recently? With the exception of the little cupcakes and fairly-dull-fairyland, we just seem to have had variations on the Tangfastics and Starmix of late - this season it's ice cream Tangfastics and these berry Starmix. 

"NEW limited edition HARIBO Summer Frenzy Starmix, a mix of favourite iconic Starmix pieces in new juicy berry flavours!"

To be honest, the Tangfastics sound the more interesting of the two, but neither Bert or I are particularly fond of sour sweets and so bought the Berry Starmix instead. 

Flavours from top left-bottom right: strawberry, pomegranate & cranberry, mixed berries, Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry & cherry.

To be honest, none of the flavours were particularly imaginative, and none tasted that great either. I was most looking forward to trying the blueberry bear, and hoped that it would remind me of blue Panda Pops (yes I'm showing my age here) but instead it was wishy washy. As for the pomegranate & cranberry 'cola bottles' they were pretty grim and I actually couldn't eat them. Bert and I  normally fight over the foam backed 'eggs' but the strawberry in these were neither Nesquik milkshake-esque or fresh and fruity. Even the cherry heart was lacklustre, which was surprising considering that Haribo's cherry shaped cherries are normally pretty good!

To be honest, I'd rather have a normal bag of Starmix.... Well actually I'd much rather go to Wilkinsons and faceplate their enormous Candy King stand instead, but that's quite a bit more expensive and I am a student after all! 



  1. I'm with you on Candy King! Pick and Mix is the king of all sweets, because I hate being stuck with just one type of things! As I'm in Germany, I'm pushing myself to try more Haribo things ~just because~ but I'm amazed that with all the different products over here, the UK gets such a very narrow and limited selection.

    1. I've heard that it's much better out there! Yesss... there's always lots of yellow bears left over in our sweetie jar otherwise :)

  2. I find supermix far superior to starmix!

    1. Agreed, the milk bottles... purple men...