Wednesday 10 May 2017

Wheyhey Banoffee Protein Ice Cream Review (Tesco)

Everyone seems to be finding ice cream bargains in their local Tesco recently. Apart from me. The only thing I've discovered reduced in the freezer section (until today) is a packet of McCain Smiles for 84p. Now I appreciate I can't grumble at a bag of happy potatoes but I'd rather find a pint of B&Js for less than a squid (as per the many rightfully boastful Instagram photos I've spotted). Today however I found a healthy supply of Wheyhey Banoffee individual ice cream tubs adorning yellow stickers. Now I can only presume that they'd been reduced because they'd been sent to a store that doesn't usually stock them as Tesco have only recently started stocking Wheyhey. At £2 per 150ml tub I usually wouldn't bother buying them, but seeing as they were reduced, new, and banoffee flavoured, I bought a couple to try.

Haven't heard of Wheyhey yet? Well according to their website "Wheyhey is the world's first and best selling protein ice cream." The company was founded in 2012 by two best friends, one of which was a GB basketball coach, the other a fitness model. They created Wheyhey with the intention of creating an ice cream that does you good.* In fact their tagline is: The ice cream that loves you back. Aww. 

Anyway, I've moaned before about the lack of banana ice creams on the market (thank heavens for B&J!*) so I was happy to see Wheyhey's choice of flavour. The ice cream is made from whey isolate and contains 20.1g of protein per 150ml tub (Kcals: 149 F:4.3g C:11.8g). It contains no added sugar, artificial sweeteners (wheyhey use xylitol instead) and is gluten free. Sounds good, but is it too good to be true?

What a flipping odd consistency. I've never attempted to scoop a gluey ice cream before. It stretched and stuck to the scoop whilst melting before my eyes. I'd have to be quick with this one. 

Or just grab a bowl as it really wasn't going to hold.

Psssht. That's not ice cream. It's not even as good as the protein 'fluff' I make with Reflex's protein powder. It's just a semi-frozen shake. What the badger? I'll give it one credit: the flavour was clearly banoffee, and I could taste both the banana and toffee. This was all well and good until the nasty whey flavour hung around in the background. Not good. I can bear the taste of whey in a bar, but not in my ice cream -where it really doesn't belong.

I actually felt liked I'd wasted my calories and my money. I mean for IIFYM the macros are decent, but the Wheyhey tubs are expensive if I was out and about (and desperate for a protein fix) I'd rather have a shake -especially as they tend to be cheaper. 

I can't say I'll bother with these again. 


*...Sounds familiar... 
**Good lord, I'm utterly obsessed. Is B&J-aholics anonymous a thing yet?


  1. I remember trying the strawberry one just to see what the fitness industry with it`s scarcity "need more protein" marketing had to sell. Of course, overpriced. What a piece of crap it was! I complained the manufacturer. They kinda mentioned that other flavors (apart from strawberry) are better. Yuk yuk :)

  2. Ohhh.... so you *do* buy the "fitness industry crap" then?! ;)

    1. Yes, I love doing my practical research on social mindset, human psychology, industry marketing tricks etc. :) I also like food manufacturing, local food truck, catering businesses etc. :) Do not get me wrong - I have a casein protein at home which I do consume a bit in my blender milkshakes. I just do not believe that you need 200+ gr protein a day. I believe the basis of strenght training should be focused on compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, OHP, dips, Bench press, CGBP etc. with emphasis done on progressive overload, full range of motion, recovery etc. I also believe majority of supplements are useless (besides EPA/DHA`s from fish oil, Creapure Creatine monohydrate, some protein powders, vitamin D3 if living in a dark country). I also do not believe you need a "shake of protein exactly 30 seconds after finishing a workout" :)