Wednesday 3 May 2017

NEW! Half & Half: Cookie Dough And Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream (Tesco)

I can't believe that I succumbed to the final new Tesco ice cream. If you remember, there were four new 'luxury' tubs released in March: Red Velvet, Jammy Ring, Jaffa Cake and this Half & Half. I almost gave up on the new ice creams after the disappointment of the Red Velvet and Jammy Ring flavours, but then I took a punt on the Jaffa Cake and was pleasantly surprised. The half & half didn't sound all that interesting, and I thought to myself: why buy Tesco when Ben & Jerry's core tubs are bound to be so much better? Last week Tesco had 20% off all of their new tubs though and at £1.60 it was worth a go. 

"Chocolate and vanilla ice creams swirled with a chocolate sauce, chocolate brownie pieces and chocolate chip cookie dough chunks."

As with all of Tesco's tubs, the ice cream was very soft and easy to scoop straight from the tub (there's no Haagen-Dazs luxury here I'm afraid). As promised the pint was split between vanilla and chocolate ice creams, which continued through the tub.

What I wasn't expecting however was the sheer abundance of massive cookie dough chunks and brownie pieces. Halle-flipping-lujah! After the Jammy Ring tub this was a sight for sore eyes.

As I'd imagined, the quality of the ice cream wasn't great. It's pretty bog-standard supermarket stuff, and doesn't come anywhere near the likes of B&Js or H-D. It's palatable though, just don't dig in anticipating it to blow your mind. I can't say the chocolate sauce was particularly special either, but it was pleasant enough.
The brownie was soft and fluffy with a respectable chocolate flavour. In fact I would say that it was almost as good as the cake pieces in Ben & Jerry's. Wait. Say what? I bet you weren't expecting that. 

Lets not stop there though, because get this: the cookie dough was better than chunk-gods B&J's. It's almost blasphemous. Yes, they're squidgier and big enough to taste by themselves. Yum yum yum. 

Argh! I'll say it again. Tesco please improve the base of your ice cream. They could really be something rather special if you followed these fabulous ideas through. I'd definitely suggest buying a tub of this Half & Half if you buy Ben & Jerry's for the extra additions -especially if you spot it on special offer.


  1. I'm that awful person who picks the bits out of the ice cream and then leaves the rest. My family hated me for it! This sounds kind of perfect.

    (also eat frosting with only little bit of cake etc. The worst.)

    1. We would fight over the ice cream but would make good cake date buddies. I'll leave the frosting for you and eat your cake, deal?