Tuesday 2 May 2017

NEW! Choc Affair Mango White Chocolate (Online)

Could the Bank Holiday weather have got anymore Bank Holiday-ier? That's to say it remained grey and drizzly for the three days across Herefordshire, and yet in true British fashion the sun has come back out to play again today. The day that most people are back to work. Fortunately for me I was sent some summery bars from Choc Affair, and a card from them telling me to eat chocolate in the rain. Win win! 

Normally I'd save the one I liked the look of most until last, but I'm afraid that I couldn't resist the call of the Mango white chocolate. If you recall my review of their rhubarb milk chocolate then you'll remember that Choc Affair specialise in unusually flavoured bars. I can't say I've ever come across a mango chocolate bar before. As a huge fan of the tropical fruit and avid lover of white chocolate I couldn't wait to get stuck in. 

Please also note that all of Choc Affair's bars are handmade in York, and only uses sustainably grown chocolate. Choc Affair prides itself on its partnerships with cocoa farmers, and I love to think I'm doing a good deed whilst eating chocolate. Another win! 

The bar didn't smell particularly tropical, but did grace my nostrils with the milky sweet aroma of white chocolate. Biting a piece I was met with a creamy, delicious white chocolate with notes of vanilla. The mango flavour was delicate and very natural tasting, unmissable but not overwhelming. If you're expecting a full on lassi hit you won't find it with Choc Affair's bar. The flavour is instead more reminiscent of dried mango, thereby offering a subtle summery-ness to the bar. 

This Choc Affair bar is a fabulous antidote to grey, drizzly days. Personally I'd have liked to have seen a touch more mango, perhaps through the inclusion of some dried mango pieces. Either way, it's a bar I thoroughly enjoyed and is certainly worth £2.75 . The 100g mango white chocolate is available directly from Choc Affair's website, and remember, you're doing a good deed by supporting those cocoa farmers! 



  1. Wow, that sounds lovely! I have had the mango and chocolate combo before, when Schogetten used to be stocked in Lidl with their Mango Lassi variety and that was great (but this sounds even better). Miss that one loads.

    1. That does sound tasty. I never saw it unfortunately. It may be worth ordering a bar or two from Chocolate Affair to help subside those cravings :)

  2. Looks nice.

    But being as tight as cramp it's way above my normal price point at £2.75 a bar.

    It's the sort of thing i'd only buy as a rare treat, or more likely as a present for someone else and then nick a piece.

    1. This made me chuckle, I ended up nicking the Easter egg I bought for my other Half last night! Treat yourself, remember you're doing a good deed and we only live once! x