Wednesday 17 May 2017

Chococcino Muffins (M&S)

I've had such a mixed bag with M&S' cakes recently. Take their new Tiramisu cupcakes for example, which were pretty lacklustre, especially when you compare them to the amazing spiced carrot cake muffins. I found these chococcino muffins reduced to a very reasonable 15p and couldn't resist the bargain.

"Tasty two-tone chocolate & coffee flavoured muffins, studded with dark and milk chocolate pieces."

They were aesthetically pleasing muffins, but then M&S can always be trusted to deliver on the appearance front. Slicing on in two revealed a centre that was entirely chocolate cake. The way my knife cut through it so cleanly with little resistance did set off alarm bells however. 

Just as feared the cake was dry as a bone and I was thankful for my cuppa to help the mouthfuls go down. The flavour didn't save the day either, for it was mostly cocoa and didn't have the coffee kick I hoped for. As for the chocolate chips, they were far and few between and so added very little to these disappointing muffins.

Another miss from M&S' bakery department in afraid; I'd give these a miss if I were you.



  1. One of those rare times when M&S product is not above 8. Sometimes they do disappoint. I find Waitrose in general > M&S.

    1. In terms of bakery or in general? I'm afraid I tend to prefer M&S as I find that they are more innovative!

    2. Sometimes, M&S "overinnovate" and stuff is stuff is 4-6/10. Both bakeries are good, maybe, slight edge to Waitrose (Butterscotch Maple Pecan Yum yum, their doughnuts/berliners are positive bombs in taste (and some in kcals as well). + you get a free morning coffee to go with it). My towns Waitrose also has Counter for stuff like, apple &fig topped pork pie.