Wednesday 28 September 2016

Toffee Apple Ring Doughnut (Greggs)

Do you ever find that once you've had a particular kind of treat you're left craving it again? I mean, I'm always craving chocolate, but once I've had a muffin or a slice of cake I'm left wanting to try all of the others on the market -almost like I forgot how good they are. This has certainly been the case with doughnuts this week (post maple crunch Krispy Kreme). The sweet, doughy treat left my taste buds demanding more, yet as I mentioned before, there's no KK for miles! Luckily for me, there's a couple of Greggs in the city centre, and they've recently updated their menu. This means that the rhubarb & custard doughnut is no more, having been replaced with a rather more autumnal flavour: toffee apple.

I giggled a little the other day when reading Junk Banter's review of the Hershey’s Caramel Apple Filled Milk Chocolate, complaining that there's pumpkin everything in the States (Candy Hunting's Instagram Stories attest to that) but seemingly no toffee apple. At least they've got one seasonal flavour that's having its heyday at the moment! There's no pumpkin here (unless you're after Starbucks' PSL or Bailey's new pumpkin spice flavour liqueur!) and there's minimal toffee apple either. In fact, this offering from Greggs is the first toffee apple product I've seen this year!

I requested a box to carry my doughnut in this time to prevent all of the icing running away (or glueing itself to the bag as per what usually happens). It worked too! Don't you think it's rather attractive? It wouldn't even look out of place on the shelves in KK.

"A ring doughnut topped with toffee apple flavour icing, hand decorated with white spin decoration and apple fudge pieces." 

The doughnut was light, and bore large air pockets once sliced in half. The texture was pretty good, tasting fresh, but nowhere near as fluffy or sweet as the aforementioned Maple Crunch. I'd describe it as more bread or bun like, but it was still yummy.

The icing was tasty. A stronger flavour came from the toffee, but the apple was evident, lingering in the background as it should. I just wish that there was more of the icing, and I would be better yet if there was a sauce running through the centre of the dough (a point I've raised before.) I was pleased that there were plenty of fudge cubes, which had all remained squidgy, thereby adding a lovely contrast in texture to the soft dough.

This seasonal Greggs doughnut is a pleasant, affordable treat for afternoons when those carb cravings kick in and there's no KK nearby. It's nothing overly special, but it fills the gap! 


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  1. I'm hoping to try this this weekend! (And why I've never asked Greggs for a box, I don't know...)

    As a heads-up, Costa have launched a toffee apple hot chocolate. Although the only apple I could taste was in the crunchy bits in the topping so I was a bit disappointed :(