Monday, 19 September 2016

NEW! Mississippi Mud Pie Muffins (ASDA)

I don't know about you, but when I'm left with a bad experience of something, I want to see if I can change my last impression to something better (rather like not going to bed on an argument). Perhaps that is why I just *had* to buy these ASDA Mississippi Mud Pie Muffins as soon as I caught sight of them. My dissatisfaction with the two new M&S muffins I recently reviewed (Rhubarb, Strawberry & Custard and Banana & Chocolate Chip) had stuck around, together with my previous frustrations with the last chocolatey muffin I tried from ASDA (the Black Forest if you remember).

"Chocolate flavoured muffins with a Belgian chocolate filling, topped with a crumble filling."

The new muffins at ASDA looked pretty spectacular; covered with crumble with chocolate sauce oozing provocatively from their summits. I should know by now that appearances can be (and often are) deceptive, however for £1 per 2 pack, they were worth a shot. 

They were physically lighter than expected, and I kept everything crossed that it was't an indication of their dryness. Slicing them in half revealed a generous chocolate core that even Ben & Jerry would be proud of. 

Christ. ASDA have turned around their chocolate cake. Full of richness, and utterly fluffy, these were an an absolute delight! The chocolate flavour was punchy, yet lacked the dryness that often co-incides with a generous amount of cocoa. The chocolate sauce in the middle was sweet, but not sickly, and there was enough of it to inject added moistness into the sponge. I could barely taste the topping against the delicious chocolate cake, but the crumbs that had escaped were scrumptious (yes, I used my finger to dab up every last smidge). As normal I microwaved the second half of the muffin -yes it tasted even better warm as the sauce became lava cake like- but they're still delicious at room temperature if you can't be bother to faff or haven't got a microwave to hand. 

Perhaps the muffins could be slightly improved with the addition of chocolate chunks (specifically of the white variety) but that really is just nit-picking. I didn't think that ASDA could create another muffin as delicious as the toffee fudge -but I was wrong. The best chocolate cake I've had in a good while! 


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