Monday 7 December 2015

NEW! Vegetable Greek Style Yogurts by Tesco

Vegetable yogurts? Give over! I almost walked past these unusual new additions in Tesco, but then I paused for a moment, remembering how surprisingly delicious their carrot cake yogurt was, and decided to give them a shot.

The four pack costs £1.25 and contains 2x Mango & Carrot and 2x Beetroot & Raspberry fat-free Greek style yogurts.

Beetroot & Raspberry 

It was a pretty pink colour -as you would imagine from its ingredients- but it wasn't as thick as most Greek style yogurts and had a watery layer on top where it had separated slightly.

Taste-wise... Yuck. I mean I probably never should have bought them because I hate the flavour of Beetroot (it just tastes like soil to me) but the yogurt was overwhelmingly sour, lacking the sweetness that normally coincides with a tart fruit such as raspberry. It was actually so disgusting that I wouldn't even give it to my dog and the second one went in the bin-  I never throw away food.

Carrot & Mango

This was a similar colour to their carrot cake yogurt and I hoped it would be just as tasty. Once again it had split slightly, but nonetheless I gave it a good mix and hoped for the best.

The mango came through more prominantly than the carrot, but as with the beetroot version it lacked the sweetness I'm accustomed to in yogurt, rendering it rather unpleasant. The sourness surprised me because carrot is such a sweet vegetable, but it tasted on the verge of going off (despite having a week left on its use by date) 

I'm not sure who Tesco are targeting with these unusual vegetable yogurts, but I won't be making a repeat purchase.

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