Saturday 22 July 2017

NEW! Rainbow Ring Doughnut (Greggs)

OK so I mentioned yesterday that there's in fact two new doughnuts to grace the Greggs summer range. The banoffee doughnut didn't hit the mark but I didn't have huge expectations from the rainbow doughnut in the first place (given my previous experiences with Greggs' rings*). The two friendly girls in Greggs Hereford however were quick to sing the praises of the new summer addition though, so I tried to refrain from judging it before actually taking a bite.

"If you like something that looks AND tastes good, then look no further than our rainbow doughnut.
A soft ring doughnut is coated with raspberry flavour fondant and finished with multi coloured decoration."

It's a very pretty doughnut, I'll give Greggs that. Although if you want to keep yours that way I'd suggest that you ask them not to put it in a bag in the shop, or else most of the icing will stick itself to the bag!

The dough was slightly softer than yesterday's banoffee doughnut, but it was still a lot denser than the Krispy Kreme ring. It also lacked the sweetness of Krispy Kreme's dough, which may make it more preferable to you if you find the glazed doughnuts too cloying, but to me it just tasted bland. 

As for the raspberry topping, it was very mild in flavour. Think of a stickier version of the toppings you find on raspberry finger buns and you'll get the gist. The trouble is, those buns also tend to have a jammy centre -and without that the doughnut was insipid. Yesterday I said that KK could do with some doughnut filling training from Greggs, well today it turns out that Greggs could do with the training from KK on how to make a topping flavourful. After all, the shimmery raspberry topping on the (ridiculously under-filled) PB&J doughnut was delicious. 

Meh. This is just a pink ring doughnut, and to be honest, Tesco's pink ring doughnuts are far tastier. They're also a lot cheaper; the Greggs rings are 75p each, whereas Tesco's rings are currently 80p for four (normally £1). Even better yet, @productsinstore found new filled raspberry ripple ring doughnuts in Sainsbury's yesterday, which -I hope you agree- look incredible!


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