Friday 7 July 2017

NEW! Cornetto Honeycomb Crunch (Tesco)

Cornettos. Are you a fan? I have to admit that I tend to prefer the supermarket branded versions. It's not largely down to price either, as boxes of Cornettos are often on offer for £1. It's actually because Walls have been particularly lazy when it comes to innovating their famous cones. Sure there is the 'Peanut Butter Lovers' cone -which is quite frankly an insult to us peanut butter addicts- but, even if it was nice it's not as inventive as Iceland's rhubarb and custard, banana and peanut or toffee apple cones. I wasn't particularly excited by these new honeycomb Cornettos either, but seeing as both Bert and I love honeycomb ice cream and they were on offer in Tesco (currently £1.50 per four pack) I thought I might as well give them a bash.

"Honeycomb flavour ice cream in a wafer cone (12%), with chocolate flavour coating (5%), with a core of caramel sauce (5%) topped with a chocolate flavour disc (11%) and sugar pieces (2,5%)."

I'll give it to Walls, the chocolate disk makes for an attractive ice cream. The trouble is, it doesn't taste all that great. The chocolate isn't real chocolate, it's a dark composite that has an easy melt -but that's about the only plus point. Yes, the sugar pieces added a little texture, but surely it would have been better to use little chocolate coated honeycomb nuggets instead*.

On to the ice cream and it was pretty low-quality. It was soft set and made from reconstituted skimmed milk, meaning that it lacked the quality of premium brands. On the positive side, the flavour was butterscotch-y, although the ice cream used in both the Crunchie and Daim sticks beat this new Cornetto hands down.

The caramel sauce wasn't anything special either -especially when you compare it to the stuff Ben & Jerry's use in their Karamel Sutra and Blondie Brownie pints. It's sweet, but thin and more like a generic toffee flavour ice cream topping than the buttery stuff in Ben & Jerry's -which makes me groan with joy. 

If you're a honeycomb fan then stick to the Daim or Crunchie sticks. If it's the cone you're after then I suggest you fill your own with Ben & Jerry's or buy any of the supermarkets' own brand toffee cones if you want to save your pennies.


*note to self: I must find out if ASDA still sell bags of them next to the chocolate raisins. 


  1. Disappointing!! i won't be buying.

    i was in Cheshire at the weekend visiting friends and had some ice cream made by Snugbury - the scoops they gave were so big, it was amazing. I had cappuccino coffee and tropical coconut - they were both so good! The coconut just won as it's a more unusual flavour, but the coffee was good too - yum! it was £3.50 for two massive scoops in a sugar waffle cone and i thought that was a pretty good price given it was at a National Trust place - no wonder there was a big queue! We paid £2 for a theatre size pot of honey comb the previous day which was also disappointing. Honey comb ice cream always reminds me of visiting New Zealand and having 'hokey pokey' ice cream :-)

    1. How lovely! The combination of coffee and coconut sounds odd.. but the more I think about it I can imagine it must've been quite pleasant! Always good to have fresh local ice cream too.

  2. Well, the scoops did keep quite seperate so it was mostly all coffee and then all coconut, rather than being mixed together. i hadnt really thought about an odd combo. But then when i was in New Zealand I had a scoop of pistachio and a scoop of liquorice and i thikn i did the same in Iceland too, so perhaps i am just weird :-)

    Snugbury's have a farm you can visit, they prob have all of the flavours - there was a cherry one too but they had run out. i was looking up kid friendly things to do in the area for us and i mostly seemed to end up based it on ice cream!

    there's a place in london, that i follow on instagram, but never been to, called Beanbag coffee, i think they do a coconut coffee, in fact i have an instant coffee at work made by Little's that is coconut flavoured :-)