Thursday 27 July 2017

NEW! DohPro Double Chocolate Chip Instant Cookie Dough (Online)

My cookie phase doesn't seem to stop. Yesterday we had the bells and whistles creme filled giant American cookies, so why not pull it back today with a healthier version? Cue DohPro. Haven't heard of DohPro? I'll let them fill you in...
"For years, millions of people have had to compromise. Either you choose the healthy option, or the tasty option. But compromise no longer, because we have created Doh-Pro.Doh-Pro is a delicious Cookie Dough which is high in protein, lower in sugar, has reduced fat, and is a great source of fibre."Unlike other Cookie Dough products, Doh-Pro can be kept in your cupboard and eaten straight from the tub. Fancy an even tastier treat? Just 20 seconds in the microwave will turn Doh-Pro into a deliciously indulgent cookie.If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can experiment with baking times to give yourself a gooey cookie dough treat."
Sound good? Or too good to be true? Let's find out...
DohPro contacted me last month to offer me a tub to review. The dough is currently available in both chocolate chip and double chocolate chip in two varieties: 30% protein or 50% protein. DohPro asked me which one I would like to try, but I'm always keen for a surprise and so left it up to them...

It was a tub of the 50% protein double chocolate chip DoughPro that turned up a few days later. They're large tubs at 367g -meaning that each contains a whopping 180g of protein! The serving size is not the whole tub however, it's 30g. The dough was a dark colour, much the same as a Quest chocolate brownie -and it smelt similar too. 
The packet suggests that you can eat the dough straight from the tub, microwave it for 20 seconds or oven cook for 10 minutes. Of course I tried all three..

I have to be honest, I wasn't overly keen on the raw cookie dough. Whilst I found it excruciatingly difficult to resist the FlapJacked protein cookie dough, this was dry and a little tough. 
After microwaving, I found the cookies had a slight greasiness to them. I mentioned that they reminded me of Quest bars, and that's what they tasted like once microwaved: heated chocolate brownie Questies. Now if you're a die-hard Quest fan I have some good news of you: to get 20g protein (the equivalent in a Quest bar) from the DohPro you'll need 40g of dough. Considering each tub of DohPro contains roughly 9 40g servings and costs £9.99 (or two tubs for £13.99) then you'd get a much better value for money by buying DohPro. 
I filled mine with a Reese's cup before cooking -of course!

Oven Cooking
It was hard to tell when the DoughPro was cooked. The packet suggests 10 minutes in a 160 oven or until golden, but given the colour of the dough that was rather difficult to ascertain! There was also a warning not to overbake them. I took mine out of the oven when they were still completely soft and didn't really set. I must have undercooked them. Oops. Back to the microwave for me - much less hassle. 

I like the idea of the DoughPro, however it tasted too much of protein bars of days gone by to me. I wonder if the 30% protein would be more cookie-like. 
Thank you to DohPro for the sample pot. If you fancy trying a tub or two, please head over to their website where you can enjoy 10% off with the code: AMY10.

Macros per 100g unbaked: kCal421 P49/C25/F13.2

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