Thursday 13 July 2017

NEW! Kinder Bueno Coconut (Superdrug)

Do you buy Kinder Bueno's regularly? I don't. In fact I don't tend to buy any of the wafer style chocolate bars often. There's no particular reason why I don't, it's just that there's normally a different bar that appeals more. Indeed that was the case when this new coconut Bueno came out a couple of weeks ago. But then I started seeing great feedback about the bar on instagram, and then I couldn't find it, and BAM, suddenly I was desperate to try it. Why are we programmed to want the things we can't have? 

Eventually I found it in Superdrug. They weren't even out yet but I asked the baffled looking assistant and he found them on a stock trolley for me. 75p. 75p? For a single Kinder chocolate bar that I'm not normally fussed on? Oh, ok then. 

"White chocolate with coconut milk covered wafer with smooth and ,milky hazelnut filling."

Once again I found myself frustrated that the nutritional info is so misleading. One bar is one serving. One bar, to me, is one pack. To Nestle it is one finger - half the pack. It's absurd. Anyway, the wafers were coated on their bottom side and down the edges with desiccated coconut, but looked otherwise indifferent to the normal white bueno. 

With my first bite I experienced the veritable melange of textures and flavours. There was the crunchy wafer and smooth filling with an added bobble from the coconut pieces. There was the cardboard-like wafer flavour, milky hazelnut and white chocolate with a smidgen more than a hint of coconut. In fairness, the flavours and textures worked well together, it's just that I've been spoiled of late. Compared to The Grown Up Chocolate Company's or Côte D'Or's praline, the filling is less creamy and rich. That doesn't mean it wasn't tasty (because it was) it's just nowhere near as decadent.

I've read reports that the new coconut bar is 'so good that even people who don't like coconut will like it', and although I can see where they're coming from, I'm inclined to disagree. You see, the coconut flavour is fairly mild, and so I would say that if you like both Nice biscuits and Kinder Buenos, then it's likely that you'll be a fan of this new addition to the range. 


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