Friday 10 March 2017

Red Velvet Ice Cream (Tesco)

It's an extremely rare occasion when I lose my appetite. Yesterday was one of those days though, a chest infection took full force and I was grumpy and feverish. Eating became a chore (yes, even the pink pancakes I made for lunch) and I just wanted to curl up. After almost 9 years together, I'm fortunate that my other half knows how to cheer me up, and he did so by coming home with a tub of Tesco's new Red Velvet ice cream. Last May Tesco asked its Orchard members to vote for a new flavour of ice cream, but I wasn't expecting them to bring out four!

"Pink and white cream cheese flavoured ice creams swirled with a cream cheese sauce and red velvet sponge pieces."

What's pink cream cheese flavour? I wasn't sure, but I guess I'd find out.

The ice creams were attractively swirled and dotted with cake pieces. There was a gelatinous blob at one edge, which I assumed to be the cream cheese sauce - at least that's what I hoped it was because it didn't look very appetising. My scoop delved easily into the tub, uncovering bright red cake chunks throughout.

Now cream cheese is known for having a resonant tang, so that's exactly what I was hoping for. Sadly though it was more reminiscent of the cheaper ice cream normally labelled as vanilla (really meaning devoid of flavour). I asked Bert what flavour he thought the ice cream was, and he replied "raspberry, because it's pink" -which I hope says it all. It lacked the creaminess of more luxurious brands, and instead had the kind of consistency that makes me think of Carte D'Or (of which I'm not a huge fan).

I couldn't taste the cream cheese sauce either. It was completely lost against the sweet ice cream, and I wouldn't have known it existed had I not have seen it. Fortunately the cake bits were good, breaking up the texture with little fluffy morsels. Again, they weren't very flavourful, but at least they were pretty.

All in all, it's not a bad tub, but it's nowhere near Ben & Jerry's standards either. At £2 per 480ml it's worth a go if it takes your fancy though! Meanwhile I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the jammy dodger inspired "jammy ring" ice cream is better, stay tuned for the full review...


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