Friday 24 March 2017

NEW! Jaffa Cake Ice Cream (Tesco)

I'm in the middle of a chocolate orange frenzy at the moment, despite claiming not to be the biggest fan of the combination. This was the last of the four new Tesco luxury pint ice cream tubs that I fancied trying though, and despite the failure of both the Red Velvet & Jammy Ring flavours, I just couldn't help myself. After all there's no quality chocolate orange ice creams on the mass market is there? Please do correct me if I'm wrong.

"Chocolate ice cream with an orange ripple, sponge cake pieces and dark chocolate curls."

Removing the lid didn't reveal much appearance-wise, however I could smell the classically Christmas aroma of Terry's chocolate orange. Mmm.

Digging down into the soft but scoopable tub I soon uncovered a plentitude of sponge cake pieces, orange sauce and chocolate curls. Could this be Tesco's redeeming ice cream?

Yes! Comparatively the ice cream wasn't anywhere near as indulgently rich as Jude's but it was chocolatey! I was pleased that Tesco chose to use plain sponge pieces, and they were fluffy & soft -breaking up the texture nicely.

The orange sauce was a winner too, it was bold and zingy, providing a wonderful fusion of flavours with the chocolate. It really did taste just as it smelt- it's the Terry's ice cream!

The chocolate curls were an equally thoughtful touch and made a welcome change from the standard chocolate chips that are nearly always used instead. They cracked as you ate, offering an unexpected crunchiness to the ice cream.

Finally! A Tesco tub that's worth the £2! A better quality ice cream base would have heralded higher marks, but I'll happily buy Tesco's Jaffa Cake tub again. 



  1. Green and Blacks chocolate orange ice cream used to be amazing. I haven't had it in ages though so I'm not sure if it is still as good.

    1. That sounds amazing! I've never had their ice cream before. I'll keep an eye out though...

  2. mm that sounds interesting - i want to get a fun ice cream to binge on in a couple of weeks and i had been looking at these new tesco ones. i dont know if Asda still do their jaffa cake ice creams? like an actual jaffa cake but with ice cream in - they were nice! (i may have eaten many in a row...)

  3. Please please try Waitrose dark chocolate and blood orange ice cream! It's amazing.

    1. I may do! It doesn't really appeal, but maybe I'll be blown away! I see that Green & Blacks also do a similar ice cream too.. have you tried that one?