Thursday 9 June 2016

Oreo Creme Filled Brownie

Oreos. The undisputed king of American cookies. Well, unless you're a peanut butter fan, in which case Nutter Butter rules the roost. Anyway, how can you improve on an Oreo? Turn it into a brownie and stuff it with Creme? Let's hope so!

I've had my beady little eyes on these treats for quite a while in my local American candy store, but at £1.99 per brownie I'd always found something cheaper to try.It hadn't crossed my mind to order them from American Fizz because I normally just type 'peanut butter' into their search bar and go from there. I have recently got into the habit of browsing their clearance section before hitting the check-out however, and there I found an Oreo brownie reduced to clear for just 65p. Nevermind that it went out of date in March, after all I'm eating Nutter Butter bites that are 8 months out of date and they've seemingly not caused me any harm. E-numbers to the rescue!

The brownie didn’t taste off, but it didn’t taste fresh either. It just tasted artificial, like it would stay the same after any amount of time. The chocolate flavour was as Oreo-y as I expected it to be, with a rich cocoa kick. Texturally it was a bit strange… like a chewier, softer version of their biscuits. Not entirely unpleasant but it missed the tell-tale hard crack and gooey interior of a true brownie.

The crème that filled the middle was in abundance, but I’m not convinced that I wanted a lot of it given that it was so sweet and sickly. I shouldn’t be surprised by this seeing that it’s the same sort of stuff that fills a Twinkie, but combined with the sweet chocolate brownie outer the sugar becomes too much to bear. My teeth started to jar, and by the end I felt like I needed to book an appointment with the dentist.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy any more of these Oreo brownies unless we were expecting war, in which case I’d stock up -I think they’d survive anything!



  1. I am on the verge of placing a massive American Fizz order that I really can't afford because of you! x