Saturday, 27 February 2016

Trix Cereal Bar (American Soda)

I ordered this cereal bar back in November from American Soda, but its been hanging about in the kitchen until now. Our snack cupboard is better stocked than ASDA, and so it was just the case that I kept forgetting it was there! This morning I was feeling rubbish thanks to a chest infection, so decided that I needed a bit of extra colour in my life, and finally reached for the neglected Trix bar.

Trix is an American cereal that has been around since the 1950's and was subject to a major overhaul at the end of 2015. General Mills decided it was high time to remove all the artificial flavours and colours from its products -a huge change for Trix and its characteristically vivid colours.

(Photo courtesy of General Mills)

I can't argue with the nutritional benefits of removing artificial crap from our food, but it does mean that the cereal now closely resembles the poop of its Rabbit mascot (sorry General Mills).

Fortunately, the healthy eating brigade haven't got round to meddling with the Trix cereal bar yet, and so I was greeted with quite possibly the most vivid technicolour food I have ever seen -so bright that I could've done with some sunglasses!

The cereal bar was a sticky combination of Trix cereal and oats, held together with corn syrup, sugar, fructose and oil. The sweetness was evident before I'd even taken a bite thanks to the sugary fruity scent and glossy sheen that covered the bar. 

Texturally it offered more in the way of crunch than chew thanks to the puffed corn cereal pieces. There was a fruity flavour, but it was far from natural, and quite clearly the result of substantial chemical engineering. It certainly would take a more discerning palate than mine to distinguish the raspberry, lemon, orange, wildberry*, grape and watermelon flavours that makes up Trix cereal!

I was left with an odd, almost metallic after-taste when finished, but admittedly the bright colours had suitably cheered me up (although I can't be sure that wasn't just the e-numbers) and so I can't help but wonder where the joy comes from with the 'new & improved' Trix cereal!


*I've no idea what wildberry is, please feel free to leave me a comment and fill me in if you've got a clue...

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