Wednesday 10 February 2016

NEW! Double Peanut Butter Magnum (Tesco)

My peanut butter obsession is getting out of hand. Is there such a thing as pb-addicts anonymous? If not, there damn well should be. I often get stupidly excited by new food products, but I actually squealed with delight during a very dull economics lecture when I sneakily checked my twitter feed (@seeknewtreats if you're on there!) and read some news regarding Unilever's 2016 ice cream range. The new line-up includes a blackcurrant Twister, Feast snack bar (in standard and peanut butter), Magnum Double (caramel and peanut butter flavours) and a Cornetto Choc ‘n’ Caramel Disc.

Of course the two that got me extremely excited were the peanut butter magnum & feast bars; so when I spotted the new nutty magnum in Tesco earlier today -I swear I almost fainted with elation!- I rushed to the till with my new treats (ignoring the hefty £3 price tag) in a light-headed daze of excitement. 

'Peanut butter flavour ice cream with a chocolate flavour coating, peanut butter sauce and milk chocolate.'

I imagine that the ice creams are called double thanks to their inclusion of not one but two peanut butter elements: the ice cream and the peanut butter sauce. Peanut Butter ice cream is no means a new thing (Ben & Jerry's have nailed it in three of their products, and last year Cornetto launched their 'Peanut Butter Love' cones) but Magnum's are renowned for their creamy, indulgent taste that I hope would be evident this new product.

As you may already know, Unilever have recently signed up to the 250cal snack portion limit * which means that they have reduced the size of a number of their ice creams -including Magnums. This means that the new Double Peanut Butter is only 88ml compared to the previous standard 110ml size, and of course it shows -the ice cream was no bigger than my diddy palms (excuse the photo of my horrible hands!). 

The coating was perfectly rich in true Magnum fashion, and I guess it would sit somewhere between a milk and dark chocolate. The peanut sauce was nestled between two layers of chocolate and I'm afraid to say that it was mild, with a flavour that leaned more towards salted caramel than peanut. There wasn't a great deal of it, so it often became lost against its more intense chocolatey neighbours. The peanut ice cream thankfully saved the day; it was soft, creamy, and well flavoured, with a taste that truly resembled roasted peanuts -utterly scrumptious!

All in all, the new Peanut Butter double Magnum is a lovely little new edition to the range. It has a good combination of flavours, which tasted marvellous. My problem however lies with the price -if you're going to reduce the size of your ice creams Unilever, then please reduce the cost of them too.


*the reason why Mars and Snickers bars shrunk and some of Cadbury's products are set to do the same


  1. Need!! I too am pb obsessed and remember reading about these being launched in the US a while ago and I was hoping they would come over here. I hope I manage to be as lucky as you and find them in a store near me soon!!

    1. Fingers crossed! Randomly they were in our small city centre Tesco but not the big one... Good luck! I swear they must put crack in peanut butter or something!