Saturday 6 February 2016

NEW! Forest Fruits Barny (ASDA)

There's a new Barny on the block. I really wish companies would opt for more exciting flavours (anyone else up for a peanut butter or Biscoff Barny?) but instead, this is yet another example of a 'new' product that's not particularly innovative. Are you excited by a cake filled with apple & berry jam? No? Me neither, but as you may have gathered, if its got 'new'plastered on the label somewhere, chances are I'll buy it. 

The sponge bears portrayed their usual 'surprised' open-mouthed expression. They were about palm sized, and once cruelly sliced in half, the jam-packed (haha) centre of purple filling was revealed.

The sponge was unsurprisingly dry, as is often the case with long-life cakes, and they had a consistency that I imagine would be enhanced by a good coffee dunk -although I'm less sure that would work well with the forest fruits flavour. The generous pocket of jam was tasty, and as I tend to buy the apple flavour if and when I buy Barnys, I noted that the flavour was improved by the addition of the berries -adding an almost-tartness that offset the apple well.

Let's be honest; Barnys are never going to be as good as home made cakes (or even Mr Kipling's) but they are inexpensive, cute, and make a good on-the-go snacks or lunchbox fillers. If you don't regularly buy Barnys I wouldn't rush out to pick up a pack of the new forest fruits edition, but if they are a mainstay in your household, then they are certainly worth a try.


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