Sunday, 6 September 2015

ASDA Own Brand Cereal: Jungle Bites

ASDA have a whole new range of children's cereal out, and instead of just ripping off brand cereals on the markets, include completely new concepts, such as these Jungle Bites. They are currently priced at £1.38 per box or you can mix and match with some of their other cereals for 3 for £3.

These are described as 'chocolate and caramel flavour fortified cereals.'

There certainly was a good mix as it seemed to be half and half of each chocolate and caramel cereals. They were really well flavoured and left the milk with a chocolate caramel flavour aftertaste.. Just like milkshake...Mmm.
Probably not the healthiest cereal on the market, but they sure taste good! 
I give them 9/10 and is certainly buy them again, well done ASDA! 

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