Thursday 11 May 2017

Cadbury Caramel Muffins (Tesco)

It might be national doughnut week but I'm being a rebel and reviewing cake instead. I've had my eyes on these Cadbury muffins for a couple of months now but refuse to spend £2 on a pack, especially when their branded doughnut counterparts are so bad. However, this week they cropped up next to the tills in Tesco for £1.50, where they just fell into my basket. I'm a sucker for an impulse purchase. Oops.

They're sizeable muffins though. I thought that a Cadbury caramel muffin would be chocolate cake with caramel innards, but instead they've opted for a caramel flavoured cake. I thought this might be a good move on Cadbury's part as chocolate cake is so hot and miss.

"Caramel flavour muffin containing mini milk chocolate buttons (3%), with chocolate icing (9%), caramel filling (10%) and caramel flavoured chocolate curls (2%)."

Slicing the muffin in half filled me with joy. Just look at the golden treasure within! Now that's a centre to be proud of. The cake was also very light in texture, and I started to feel relieved that I may not have wasted my money as feared. 

Christ. That's good cake. It was very sweet but perfectly fluffy with more than a hint of caramel. Unfortunately the chocolate 'buttons' were so small that they offered little in the way of flavour, but to be honest I was enjoying the cake too much to mind. I felt similarly about the topping, which tasted more like baking chocolate than Cadbury's, but it was enjoyable in a comforting manner and so I managed to overlook it. 

Let's talk about that caramel sauce instead. It was utterly delicious, super sticky and yet moreish. I felt myself grinning stupidly as I savoured every last drop. Mmm. 

The Cadbury chocolate might take a nose-dive into my basket whilst they're on offer now too...



  1. Ooooh look at that glorious caramel core. Glad it wasn't a waste of money! :)

  2. Did the cake actually taste of caramel, or was it just drenched in caramel sauce?

    1. No it had a mild toffee taste, not as strong as a sticky toffee pud though!