Saturday 11 February 2017

Mighty Fine Honeycomb Peanut Butter Bar (Whole Foods Market)

Last July I visited the International Star Wars convention with Bert (his obsession) but made full use of the rare opportunity of being in London to make the pilgrimage to a Whole Foods Market. I’d only known about Whole Foods Market due to Instagram, and it seemed to be the veritable mecca for all things delicious and healthy, so someone please explain to me how I only ended up buying chocolate. One of the bars I bought was a Mighty Fine Honeycomb Peanut Butter bar, and I trekked it all the way home before promptly forgetting about it.

The trouble is, over the past few years I’ve developed a gradual distaste towards honeycomb chocolate bars. I think I could just about manage a treat size Crunchie, but just the idea of a normal size bar completely jars my teeth and gives me goosebumps. I keep forgetting my palate change though, especially because I love honeycomb flavoured products! So every few weeks I’d spot this peanut butter honeycomb bar at the back of my cupboard, tell myself I’d try it soon, and then completely forget about it all over again.

That was until a couple of weeks ago, when my procrastination finally came to an end and I eventually decided to open the 50g bar (which was still well in date). It was quite the whopper with a good thick coating of milk chocolate surrounding it.

I had naively assumed that the honeycomb itself was going to be peanut butter flavoured, so I was both surprised and distinctly underwhelmed when I took a bit and tasted only sickly sweet sugar. I then read the packaging and realised that the chocolate was where the peanut butter was supposedly residing. Yes folks, supposedly. The chocolate was tasty enough but the nuttiness was nowhere to be found.

I decided to give it the bar the ultimate peanut butter test: I made Bert try a bite. My other half detests peanut butter so much that he won’t go near any food products that remotely mention its inclusion and even refuses kiss me after I’ve eaten anything containing my favourite spread. Even he, the man who can smell peanut butter from 100 yards away, could happily eat this chocolate and not bat an eyelid.

What the ?!

I’m not sure if I got a duff bar or whether the product is just pants full stop*, so please do leave me a comment if you’ve tried Might Fine Honeycombs’s peanut butter honeycomb bar and let me know about your experiences!


*I later re-read the packaging and realised that there's no peanut butter listed in the ingredients. I hate it when a company does that! Gahhhhhh.


  1. Well, for what it's worth, it looks like a pretty decent cinder toffee... But how in the world can it be called a Peanut Butter product with zero peanut butter content?!

    1. I'm sure the honeycomb is pretty good, but I feel like I've been duped!

  2. Hi there Amy,
    Just read you post and we are absolutely gutted that you did not enjoy your Mighty Fine experience. We hand make everything and sometimes things can go wrong - however one thing is for sure - it should taste of Peanut Butter!
    Would it be possible to email us a and we can get the batch code and try to work out what has gone on - and maybe send you some more stuff to try.
    We would like to try to change your opinion as we work really hard to make some seriously good honeycomb.
    Thanks, MF

    1. Of course I can, I appreciate you taking the time to get in touch, thank you MF!