Thursday 12 May 2016

NEW! Dulce De Leche & Honeycomb Cheesecake (M&S)

Is cheesecake a summer dessert? I'm not so sure. Every year I make a cheesecake for Christmas, normally flavoured with chocolate and a liqueur of some description. M&S must think it is seasonal though as they've branded it as part of their new Spirit of Summer range. I don't know why I'm moaning really, cheesecake (like ice cream) is eaten in my house year-round, and I always welcome the opportunity to try a new one.

"Muscovado baked cheesecake with a smooth dulce de leche caramel sauce & chocolate coated honeycomb"

I love the way Marks and Sparks serve these cheesecakes as a mini version of the standard size ones. Fortunately it was easy to remove the dessert from its protective sleeve -thanks to the thoughtful packaging. The chocolate balls on top weren't evenly distributed but I used that to my advantage, and chose the slice with the most -in the name of the blog, obviously.

The honeycomb balls on top were, in fact, mostly chocolate. They melted away in the mouth with the slightest hint of crunch, and were good quality, tasty little morsels.  

I'm not entirely sure whether the caramel sauce (which supposedly accounted for 9% of the dessert) referred to the slightly darker top layer, or if it was supposed to be rippled through the cheesecake -but either way I couldn't find it. Unlike ASDA's new millionaires cheesecake, there was no pool of it lurking in the centre, so I was left a bit puzzled. 

Luckily, the cheesecake itself saved the day; packed full of rich, sweet, caramel flavour and simply delicious. The texture lacked the gelatinous wobble that is commonplace amongst supermarket cheesecakes, and instead was the right balance between light and stodge. 

I found the base of this exotic sounding dessert to be somewhat underwhelming. Instead of opting for something unusual (as I have come to expect from M&S puds) the company chose to use traditional digestive biscuits. I mean, as far as standard biscuit bases go it was pleasant, but perhaps using Biscoff-style caramelised biscuits would've elevated this cheesecake onto the next level. 

The new dulce Le leche & honeycomb cheesecake from Marks & Sparks is tasty, and at £2.20 (on offer) it's not badly priced either. The trouble is, I don't think it's the best of its kind on the market, and to be honest the Sainsbury's chocolate and honeycomb cheesecake is yummier. 


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