Friday, 8 April 2016

Rhokkett Belgian Chocolate Cheesecakes (Waitrose)

I've had my beady eyes on these Belgian chocolate cheesecakes for a while, continually hoping that I'd find them displaying a satisfying reduced sticker at the end of the day. At £3.09 from Waitrose, they're much dearer than the luxury supermarket's own brand Belgian chocolate cheesecakes (£2.00), but they looked so beautiful! Despite my persistence I eventually gave up on my bargain quest and eventually stumped up the full price. 

Rhokett is the love child company created by celebrity chef Gary Rhodes and chef patissier Martin Dockett and specialise in cheesecakes. I'm sure you'll agree that they are beautiful with their dark chocolate biscuit base, tantalising chocolate chunks, and carefully feathered chocolate topping.

"This delicious indulgent cheesecake has a piped chocolate ganache through the centre and Belgian chocolate pieces throughout.
Classically made using rich cream cheese then decorated by hand before being baked to deliver that true classic cheesecake flavour and texture - chocolate Heaven."
I'm pleased to report that they tasted as good as they looked. The cheesecake was rich, yet light, with a good balance between sweet and tart. The chocolate chunks added a welcome crunchyness, whilst the ganache was silky smooth. 

My favourite part of cheesecake is always the base, and I was expecting the soggy bourbon biscuit affair that is commonplace amongst mass-manufactured cheesecakes. Instead I discovered a crisp, crunchy bottom with a punchy hit of cocoa. The biscuit held its shape well, and crumbled easily once nibbled.

I'm on a learning curve with regards to getting what you pay for and I must agree that the premium price of the Rhokkett cheesecake is well earned. 
Waitrose also stocks Rhokett's strawberry cheesecakes, although I'll always choose chocolate over fruit! Rhokett's website informs me that the company also makes a caramel cheesecake, but I haven't seen it stocked anywhere. Any ideas? 



  1. Ooh this looks really good. I haven't seen the caramel cheesecakes anywhere but I know rhokett make a few of the dessert menu range for marks and Spencer like the Tahitian vanilla cheesecake, Jaffa sphere, possets etc..

    1. Ooh really? That's interesting. Do they make the billionaire bullion bar too?

  2. I absolutely love these too, and like you I'm keeping my eye out for the caramel versions, which I can't find anywhere.

    1. Tesco have just started selling the choc ones so fingers crossed they'll pop up soon!

  3. Looks good, Hopefully. You noticed the hair, before you devoured it