Friday 17 February 2017

NEW! Magnum White Ice Cream Tub (Iceland)

This week I brought you reviews of all three new Ben & Jerry's Topped tubs. They sounded ingenious didn't they? But they weren't the first kids on the block. Oh no. Right at the beginning of the year I spotted some new Magnum Tubs in Iceland, balked at the price (£3.89) and didn't give them a second thought. That was at least until One Treat reviewed them (told you she's the ice cream queen) and revealed just what you were getting for your money. Naively I had assumed that the tubs were just full of the innards of a Magnum which, although tasty, isn't worth almost 4 squids - especially when you can buy 4 of the sticks from Farmfoods for one pound.

If you haven't grabbed your keys and left for Farmfoods yet I both applaud you and worry about your sanity. Seriously, that's a bargain that shouldn't be missed. Anyway, if you've stuck it out for the remainder of this review, I'll also let Magnum explain why their new tubs are considerably more special than I originally thought...

"Experience Magnum White in a tub Discover the ultimate Magnum cracking chocolate and velvety ice cream experience with the new Magnum White tub. Squeeze the pack and crack the thick Magnum white chocolate shell that envelops the delicious velvety dairy vanilla ice cream. There you will find cracking Magnum white chocolate shards throughout the tub, so you can have a rich and intense white chocolate experience in every spoonful."
Just for info: Iceland are stocking Classic and Almond flavours too. The tubs are currently on offer for £2.50, which meant it was high time for me to give this bad boy a go.

The packaging includes instructions to remove the tub from the freezer and leave it 10 minutes before pressing the indent on the side to crack the tub. Wait. I've got to wait? I'm not sure who possesses that level of patience or self restraint? Five minutes I lasted before pressing the button. As promised the top cracked; albeit into four large shards.

Beneath the top layer was the signature vanilla flecked Magnum ice cream, which had become overly soft having been left out of the freezer for a few minutes (I dread to think what I'd find after 10). Digging in I found a huge amount of white chocolate pieces intermingled with the ice cream. It appeared that there was almost 50% chocolate in this ice cream, although I'm sure there couldn't have been that much -could there? The chocolate shards make it difficult to scoop into a cone, which means it's admittedly probably best eaten straight from the tub.

If you follow me on Instagram you'll already know that I was just getting excited to tuck in when disaster struck. I dropped it on the floor. Now I'm normally a "30 second rule" kind of girl, but this doesn't apply in my back room where the dog resides after a muddy walk and the food in question is almost liquid. Boo. 1/4 of a tub wasted - Yep, the 'pints' are in fact only 440ml. Boo.

Second time lucky and I wasn't surprised by the flavours that greeted my tastebuds. As a regular consumer of Magnums, I knew to expect the milky vanilla ice cream base and creamy white chocolate. Eaten in a waffle cone did make the experience different however, and I enjoyed the greater ratio of chocolate.

I personally preferred the white chocolatey Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Swirled ice cream. The addition of shortbread chunks, strawberry and marshmallow makes it texturally more interesting, and I found the Magnum to be less inspiring in comparison. As a cheaper option to the new Magnum tubs I'd suggest buying a box of four sticks from Farmfoods and smashing them up -especially when they go back up to full price. That said, they're still tasty though, and a worthwhile buy for Magnum lovers countrywide.



  1. Great review! Not sure I could wait the 10 minutes either... I've never been able to wait until my ice cream has softened. Many a bent spoon to be had! :D

    1. Oh me too, I much prefer my ice cream harder anyway!

  2. This flavour just arrived yesterday at my local Billa (it's a supermarket), but I'm not sure I'm gonna buy it after reading your review. I was quite skeptical, though, and I have a second excuse as well: I am not a major vanilla ice cream fan.