Wednesday 14 December 2016

Christmas Tree Biscuit (Greggs)

You know that you've completely lost the plot when you're finding food to match your plates. Yes, that's my current state of mind, thanks to the desperate assignment avoidance mode that's kicked in. If you follow me on instagram you might've spotted my impressive array of themed serveware that has come out to play recently. One of my best finds thus far is the Christmas tree plate that I found at Home Bargains (I think it cost about a pound), and now most evenings I entertain myself by finding festive foods to match said plate -much to the bemusement of my other half. I tried making branches from apples with a mince pie base before discovering that Christmas tree crumpets matched it rather well. Then yesterday I had a brainwave whilst attempting to write a social media report: what about the Christmas Tree biscuits that I've spotted at Greggs when buying their mince pie and Christmas Muffin? They would fit perfectly I'm sure! So that afternoon I side-stepped my studies once more and cycled into town on important biscuit business. 

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"What's more Christmassy than a Christmas tree and a bit of ginger?! That's why our Christmas tree biscuit is back!
Ginger biscuit covered with chocolate flavour coating and decorated with sugar sprinkles and a sugar paste star to finish it off like all good trees should be."

It's a good job I love both gingerbread and chocolate really, and that said biscuit was a reasonable 80p, otherwise this plate hobby could become a bit of a chore. The biscuit was every bit as pretty as the picture in Greggs' adverts, with a good covering of chocolate and sprinkles. I felt a bit childish ordering it, but if you can't be childish at Christmas then when can you be? 

Like Cinderella's shoe, it fit!

Are you a crispy, soft, or no gingerbread kind of person? I like both varieties, but have had my fill of the former kind this month thanks to the Lebkuchen Hearts I've been gorging on. I did hope that the biscuit would be a little kinder on my teeth than the sneaky Gingerbread Reindeer from ASDA were last year though. 

Fortunately the base of the tree was rather soft and almost bendy. I wondered if it had gone slightly stale, but it still tasted good and delivered a fiery warmth. As I worked my way up  towards the star, the biscuit was crisper with a good crunch, yet wasn't hard enough to worry the dentists (although the sugar content might!). The coating tasted typically of cooking chocolate -it was cheap and not the sort of stuff you'd want to eat on it's own- but used in this light its sweet waxiness worked well to counteract the heat from the biscuit.

Greggs' Christmas Tree biscuit is a lovely little festive treat, and I'd be more than happy to have another!


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